We wish to show our strong determination to perform well for our victory   

Comment from Team Manager Volker Finke on the day before the J. League Yamazaki Nabisco Cup qualifying round seventh sec against Yokohama F-Marinos

It is really regrettable that we had not been able to play in the final tournament as we were not able to win in the group league for this year’s Yamazaki Nabisco Cup. We have inflicted this on ourselves as we had very unfortunate results during the two home matches we played earlier. It is necessary for us now to continue our training sessions to improve our skills to make decisive shots in front of the goal. We had created so many scoring opportunities before. However, we were not able to score many goals. The previous match we played against Shimizu S-Pulse was a good example. Despite the fact that we played such a quality game with so many scoring opportunities, we were not able to achieve a good result. As this has been the case, we need to continue to train ourselves in the way that we will be able to score goals at decisive moments.
There is one thing which we should not do currently, which is to make criticisms in a wrong way. We have certainly been playing the type of good quality soccer we are trying to pursue. In fact, when we look at the previous match we played against Shimizu S-Pulse, we were playing definitely a better match especially during the second half of the match in terms of scoring opportunities as we created 12 chances whereas our opponent only created 3. Since our team created such decisive moments, we should not criticize the way our players perform. I think that we should grasp what is left for us to improve rather than making criticisms in a wrong way. We would like to work on what we have to improve through our training.
As for the match we will play against Yokohama F-Marinos tomorrow, it is necessary for us to show our strong determination to win every spectator by playing well on the pitch again.
In regards to players’ injuries, currently Keita Suzuki, Sanou and Tatsuya Tanaka are slightly injured. I think it would be a foolish idea to force them to play in the match tomorrow as it may aggravate their injuries. Though they are not badly injured, it is true that they are suffering from slight injuries. It was most regrettable that Shunki Takahashi had to leave the team during the training session we had today due to his light injury. This is because he had been able to condition himself well and had been performing so well lately. However, I feel very happy about the fact that Naoki Yamada has recovered and will be able to join the team again tomorrow.

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