We will have a big challenge  

Comment from Team Manager Volker Finke on the day before the 2010 season J. League Eighteenth Sec. against Nagoya Grampus

First of all, 18 of us will go to Nagoya as usual. Not 16 of us. I had to check the condition of Hirakawa and Tatsuya Tanaka during the morning training which started from 10 o’clock. They did not participate in the afternoon training today. Nonetheless, as two of them can sit on the bench, they may play in the match from mid-way through the game tomorrow.
Currently, Naoki Yamada is unfortunately away from the team due to his injury. I am hoping that he would be able to join the team again in two or three weeks’ time. He is currently feeling some pain in the bone which he broke before. Though he has not broken the bone again, as he feels great pain, he is away from the team at the moment. Now he has a very strong pain. However, I hope he will not feel any pain in a few weeks time so that he will be able to join team practice again.
As for the match against Nagoya Grampus, it will be a great challenge for us. They play such efficient soccer. Nagoya Grampus is the team which can make the most of limited decisive opportunities in order to achieve great results.