We will fight as one to go through this difficult time-Team Manager Petrovic  

During the match against Albirex Niigata yesterday, Urawa Reds led the match after the team scored the first goal. However, the team was not able to score additional goals and the opponent team caught up with the team during the second half. As a result, the match finished in a draw. In the following day on 29 May, President Hashimoto, General Manager Hashiratani and Team Manager Petrovic gathered at the Ohara Soccer Field Club House to discuss several issues including the team’s current challenges and the points they need to address. Their meeting lasted over 3 hours and a half.

Comment from President Hashimoto after the meeting: We have discussed a wide range of issues such as our challenges and how we should address those issues. We are not satisfied with the team’s current record. We will provide our full support to the team to the maximum extent.
Comment from General Manager Hashiratani: We have discussed both the good and the bad points about the team by looking back at the past four months. I would like to support our team so that they can go through this difficult period.
Comment from Team Manager Petrovic: I can not reveal what we had discussed during the meeting. But, in regards to my work environment, I must say everything surrounding me here such as the training atmosphere, the team players’ attitude towards practice sessions, and the communication between club staff members has been great. I feel grateful for the joyous working environment. So, all I am not satisfied with is only the team’s match results. As the team is not consistent with their performances during matches, we need to address this very point.

[Urawa Reds Official Media (URD: OM)]