We will continue to move forward by making better adjustments–Team Manager Mischa  

Comment from Team Manager Mischa after the J. League 25th Sec match against FC Tokyo
As we lost the match today, I understand if I am criticized for whatever comment I will make. But, I thought Urawa Reds did better in terms of their overall performance. Our team pulled out the right moves at the right time when they did not have the ball in their possession. We lost three goals from set plays. There is no end to it if I start to look for who was responsible for the mistakes which led to the team’s loss. I can go on forever to find out if it was our players or team manager who should be blamed.

It is difficult to make any comment when the team loses. However, I felt that several new things I introduced to the team to try during the last Yamazaki Nabisco Cup match against Kawasaki Frontale and today’s match worked out well for the team. I think these things will be important for us in our forthcoming matches and the two goals we scored today will be of help.

While we had a good and interesting game today, what concerned me was the fact that our players lost momentum during the last 15 minutes of the match. This is what our team has to address from now. We also have to respond better against our opponent’s set plays. Nonetheless, if we continue to play like we did today by making better adjustments, we will definitely be heading in the right direction.
[Urawa Reds Official Media (URD: OM)]

We will continue to move forward by making better adjustments–Team Manager Mischa