We must learn a lot from today’s defeat–Team Manager Mischa  

Comment from Team Manager Mischa after the J. League 23rd Sec match against Yokohama F-Marinos

Today’s match turned out to be a difficult match for both teams. However, I feel our team members suffered more from fatigue. Playing under such conditions and losing goals as we did made our situation even worse. We were not able to establish a good form until over 60 minutes into the game. Losing the match today is the worst outcome for us. However, this revealed what kind of team we are.

We can’t carry out our style of soccer without running around the pitch. Unfortunately, our team was not able to move the ball forward from behind or pass the ball effectively to the side from there. We struggled to carry out such movements on the pitch today. I think the lack in our momentum had a negative effect on our performance. Losing the first goal as we did and another one soon after that together with losing the third goal right after the second half began made it difficult for us to play. Though we started to make good attacks from there onwards, it was too late as our opponent was leading the match by three goals.

It is an extreme pity that we lost our direct fight against Yokohama F-Marinos. One thing I can say is that playing two consecutive matches in a very short period of time made it very difficult for us. It became evident that some of the team members were not able to maintain good running. Nonetheless, I do not see today’s defeat only negatively. In other words, we can learn many things from this defeat. Urawa Reds’ strength is achieved through the members of the team functioning as a team. This is what I realized again today.

We will be fighting again with Albirex Niigata in three days. If we can pull out a victory then, it will prove that we have learnt a lot from today’s defeat.
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We must learn a lot from today’s defeat–Team Manager Mischa