We have prepared ourselves well for our next match  

Comment from Team Manager Volker Finke on the day before the 2010 season J. League Sixth Sec. against Albirex Niigata

We have been able to go through all training programs as we had planned this week. However, it is unfortunate that Hosogai and Takahashi have not been able to recover well enough to play in the match. Both of them had performed really well in the previous match. We will have other players back with the team again this week such as Hirakawa. For this reason, I have no intention of making complaints about having many injured players. Albirex Niigata’s current ranking is not so good. However, I understand that their current rank is just temporary.
The reason why I say this is because almost all of their major players who had excellent track records playing last year still remain in the team. As this is the case, we have prepared ourselves well for the upcoming much as we always do. We need to stay highly focused to play in the next official match.

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