We have our supporters on our side-Team Manager Mischa  

Comment from Team Manager Mischa after the J. League 27th Sec match against Kashiwa Reysol

As there are many leading journalists in Japan here today, I am certain that I would have been criticized had we lost the match (lol). We were lucky today. Since we lost the last home match against Gamba Osaka with a result of 0 to 5, I was afraid that people would think that Urawa Reds was going down hill soon. In this sense, we had to prove during today’s match that we are a strong team. Over the last 27 matches, Urawa Reds has become a team with a firm foundation. I believe our team has been able to show this through our performances so far. The team had a few defeats. However, they came back as an even stronger team after every defeat. I think the team has proven their strength by showing their quality.

In regards to the match we had today, both teams performed fantastically. Both teams had abundant stamina and fought fiercely to get the ball to create good opportunities to score goals. Then, why were we able to conquer the match today? I think that this became possible as our team took more risks than our opponent team during the second half of the match. Kashiwa Reysol was reacting against our counter attacks. By taking more risks to be aggressive, our team was able to win the match in the end as we did. Considering how they performed, I believe our team deserved the victory today.

As for the final goal our team made at the very end, I think our team was lucky in a way. Nonetheless, we would not have been able to win the match if we had not allowed ourselves to take more risks. Obviously, great support from our supporters contributed largely to today’s victory. Though we had an away match today, there were so many Urawa Reds’ supporters in the stadium to show their support for us. I think Urawa Reds is the only team which gets so many of its supporters coming to show their support during away matches. It is important for the Japanese soccer world that Urawa Reds comes back to be among the top teams in a short period of time. We have so many supporters on our side. I think it is not only important but also necessary for the Japanese soccer world that a team with so many fans and supporters ranks high in the standings.
[Urawa Reds Official Media (URD:OM)]

We have our supporters on our side-Team Manager Mischa