We are to play in our first home match with high hopes  

”I am feeling frustrated. I simply feel frustrated as we were not able to win the opening game.” General Manager Koichi Hashiratani looked back on the match the team played against Kashima Antlers on 6 March and made the above comment. The match was the first match for him to oversee as general manager.”Since we lost a goal at an early stage, in a way, made it easier for the Antlers to play the type of match the Antlers wanted to play. I think the Antlers played a very sturdy game.” General Manager Hashiratani said that although it was frustrating that the team was not able to have a good result, the game the team played was not a disappointing one.

”Our team did not play an inferior game to the Antlers. The Reds created opportunities to score goals as well as took good initiative to control the match. During the 90 minute match, the team was able to perform the style of soccer they aimed to play for much of the time. I believe that the team was able to play their own soccer on the pitch.”
General Manager Hashiratani identified the following three factors the team should aim to work on when he assumed his current position of general manager; results, content and fair play. “As general manager, I have to assess whether our team was able to or tried to achieve those three goals after each match. I have to determine whether the team was able to prepare well for each match and whether the team was able to analyze each game well by observing their daily training and through conversations with the Team Manager. Once the team plays their next game, I will talk with the Team Manager again and discuss both the good and bad points about the team’s performance and will get suggestions for further improvement. I go through something like this repeatedly for every game.”
As for the match the team played against the Kashima Antlers, General Manager Hashiratani said that he would give 0 percent to the team in regards to the result as the team lost. However, he values the content of the game the team played saying that, “the team did not play a bad game in terms of the content. The game will lead the team to the next step. I also value the fact that they played a fair match.”
Based on his experience as a team manager, General Manager Hashiratani said that “the scariest thing is to have the members of the team become negative because of their poor result. We certainly have to verify all the negative aspects of the game the team played. Team Manager Finke discusses such points with the members of the team and leads the team to prepare themselves for the next match in a positive manner. I think he is doing a fantastic job.”
General Manager Hashiratani also pointed out the benefit of having Tomoya Ugajin and Yosuke Kashiwagi’s new talent in the team. ”Ugajin created some decisive moments such as facilitating Edmilson’s header shot in the second half of the last match. As for Kashiwagi, he played well for 90 minutes during which he made good middle shots in his style. Kashiwagi performed very creatively including the way he handled the ball.”
The fact that these new members created several good opportunities means the team can move forward.
Both Ugajin and Kashiwagi made their debut as Red’s members. They had the following to say.
Ugajin said that “I felt relieved in a way as I was chosen to play in the opening match. However, this sense of relief should not cast a negative effect on me. I must prove myself further through my performance.” Ugajin has dreamt of the time when he could play in the Saitama Stadium since he was in the Junior Youth team. Naturally, he is highly motivated to play in the home game for their next match.
Kashiwagi will also try hard to show his self-worth in the first home game he will play after his transfer to the Reds.”When we play in official matches, so many spectators come to see us. For this reason, I will feel very nervous in every match I play from now on. I certainly feel that I must show my best performance since many of our supporters will come to cheer us. I would like to play well in a “Reds’ kind of way” in front of some 50,000 supporters so that my self-worth is recognized by them.” As for his performance in the match against the Antlers, he said that although he thought he performed well for crucial parts, as there are so many points he needs to improve, he wants to play well around the goal area.
Kashiwagi asked for everyone’s cheerful and loud support as he will do his best for the Reds.
The team will prepare for the second sec. match against FC Tokyo in their home stadium with high hopes. The match will start on 2:02 pm in the Saitama Stadium on Sunday 14 March 2010.
[Urawa Reds Official Media (URD:OM)]