We also are challengers   

The Reds “Guardian Deity” Norihiro Yamagishi gives a comment about their fifth J. League match for this season against Shonan Bellmare, which also marks the 100th match played in Saitama Stadium.

Comment from Norihiro Yamagishi
I believe that Bellmare will be a different team tomorrow in comparison to when we had a practice match against them at the Ohara soccer field in terms of the members of their team and the condition of each player. But, we are better in terms of our condition and coordination. I think it is important to be confident. However, we should not over trust ourselves.
I think our opponent will be highly motivated as they have just come back to the J1 League this year. We should not regard them lightly. We should not take their challenge halfheartedly. We should not forget that we also are challengers. I would like to remember this clealy when we play against Bellmare tomorrow.

Norihiro Yamagishi from Saitama supports the team with his vigorous fighting spirit and always keeps his motivation high. Will he lead the team to victory with his stable defensive play by managing the defenders from the back row while protecting the goal tomorrow?

[Urawa Reds Official Media (URD: OM)]