To unite together to remain in the J.1-New Team Manager Takafumi Hori  

Team Manager Takafumi Hori was appointed to lead the top team on 20th October. The team had a meeting from 10:30 am on that day and also had a closed training session at the Ohara Soccer Field from 2:00 pm. After the first day of training, the new team manager spoke to the club’s official media.

(What is your goal upon assuming the new position?)
My first goal is to make the team stay in the J.1. I will give everything I have to achieve this goal. I know that not only myself but also everyone in the club shares this same goal. So, I would like to make sure that this goal will be achieved by working together with our supporters.

(What did you convey to your team members during the first meeting?)
I told them that they should put all the strength they have into achieving the goal by being united as one and facing the same direction. Since the next match is approaching in no time, we had discussed our basic fighting tactics. As we will be playing with different teams, I think it is necessary for us to be able to respond well depending on our opponent teams.

(How was your first team training session?)
Though it was the first training under my steering today, everyone worked hard with positive attitudes. If we can continue this, I believe we can shift our situation onto a positive path.

(What did you feel when you were first offered the new position?)
I asked for some time to think about the offer. Many things went through my mind. But, I thought I would take the offer so that we can go through the team’s tough situation together with everyone.

(What is your message to the team’s supporters?)
I am extremely grateful for our supporters for their continuing warm support despite the fact that the team has been going through such a tough time. As every member of the team will be solidly united to fight though this harsh time, I would like to ask for their continuing support. Let’s fight together so that we can finish the season with everyone feeling better.

[Urawa Reds Official Media (URD: OM)]