The team has very uneven performances-Team Manager Petrovic  

Comment from Team Manager Petrovic after the J. League 22nd Sec match against Ventforet Kofu

First of all, I would like to congratulate Ventforet Kofe for their victory. We performed terribly today. Especially, the players at the back line performed badly. When we analyzed our opponent’s play style before the match, we noticed that they often sent the ball to their half. Then, another player moved forward with the ball. For this reason, we trained ourselves to concentrate on our defense against each opponent player even when we have the ball in front of us. However, most of the opponent players were moving freely during the match in reality. The only player I thought performed to a satisfactory level was Kashiwagi. I am quite ashamed of the other players’ poor performances which they showed to many of our supporters.
We should not think that we can always win or we are very strong because we are Urawa Reds. We must reconfirm that it is important to have a strong mentality and character and to perform what we are expected to do. I believe that the fact that we have several young players may have something to do with our results. Our players have very uneven performances, for example the team fails to perform well after a very good performance. Considering the team has many young players such as having 4 or 5 players from the Academy, it may be understandable that the team’s performance is quite uneven.
[Urawa Reds Official Media (URD: OM)]