The team had a great game as we were able to play the type of soccer we aim to play – Team Manager Mischa  

Comment from Team Manager Mischa after the J. League 17th Sec match against Kashima Antlers

We were able to see a great match today with fantastic performances given by both teams. I think it is rare for us to be able to observe such a great game in Japan. That is to say how well I thought both teams played during today’s game.

Both teams fought through until the very end with the aim to win the match. But, both teams had different approaches to seize victory. Kashima Antlers formed a tight block on their side of the pitch and tried to score goals by making counter attacks. As a matter of fact, they caught up to us by scoring a goal with such a play. As this suggests, they were trying to win the match with their counter attacks.

As for our team, we were able to create advantageous moments from behind by calmly moving the ball and we were able to form very good attack formations despite the tight defense block our opponent created on their side of the field. As Kashima Antlers had a few speedy players out in front with the aim to wage counter attacks, any mistake we might have made could have been fatal for us. In this sense, the match was a very difficult match for us. However, even under such circumstances, our team was able to pull out our style of attacks. As we have played three matches over the last week in this hot summer weather, it became physically demanding for our players towards the end. I felt it would have been nice if our team was able to score another goal by working a little harder towards the end. However, having said that, the performance they pulled out today was really good and I was pleased that we were able to play like we did. Had we scored a second goal, things would have taken a different course. Had our players been able to come to the stadium in a little more fresh condition, our team could have won the match today. But, at the same time, I would like to commend our players for the fantastic game they played today.

It is certainly difficult for a team to strike attacks in such hot weather when they are worn out. It is not possible for a team to break their opponent’s defense if they do not work closely with each other when taking the offensive. But, our team was able to pull out what we aimed to achieve even under such a circumstance. I guess things must have been very tough for our opponent’s front players as they had to run between their front and defense lines. But, it was also not easy for us to constantly make attacks and work in close coordination with each other as a unified team for a solid 90 minutes. Kashiwagi, Umesaki and Sekiguchi created a few decisive moments and it would have been great had they been able to make the most of such opportunities. Nonetheless, the team had a great game as we were able to play the type of soccer we aim to play.
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The team had a great game as we were able to play the type of soccer we aim to play – Team Manager Mischa