The day before the J. League Twenty Sixth Sec.-Team Manager Finke  

Comment from Team Manager Volker Finke on the day before the 2009 season J. League Twenty Sixth Sec. against Kawasaki Frontale

We will play against Kawasaki Frontale tomorrow. When I think about the match, I am always reminded of the match we played against them for the first time in our home stadium. At that time, we were leading the game with the score of 2 to 1 until 65 minutes into the game. However, to our regret, we lost the match with the score of 2 to 3 in the end. We lost the two points during the penalty kick and in such a simple way. For this reason, it was really regrettable that we lost the match at that time. Considering the way we played the match, we could have won the game and got three points by winning the game.
In my opinion, Kawasaki Frontale has the strongest attackers in the J. league. I think it requires high concentration and good performance when we play against such opponents. As such, the motivation of our players is very high. Further to that, Naoki Yamada and Tatsuya Tanaka will be back with us. I am very much pleased about this.
Of course, they can not play as startling line up players tomorrow. They will sit on the bench. Nonetheless, it is great news that they are back with us. However, it is very unfortunate that Sergio cannot come with the team tomorrow due to his injury.