The day before the J. League Twenty First Sec. - Team Manager Finke  

Comment from Team Manager Volker Finke on the day before the 2009 season J. League Twenty First Sec. against Gamba Osaka
Unfortunately, since many players have been injured, we will continue to have a difficult situation. Even when one player recovers, another one gets injured. However, as for Tadaaki Hirakawa, he has not been injured since his come back. As he has been able to participate in all the practice sessions, I think he can play in official matches. Umesaki also can accompany the team as one of the members.
Three players have had a big question mark over them this week namely Ponte, Tulio and Naoki Yamada. I am not sure if he can play in matches at this point. But, they will definitely accompany the team. For this reason, I will think about the starting lineup members for the weekend match from now.
I really wanted to check about the situation of those three players with a big question mark over them during today’s practice. I thought that their bodies were sending some kind of sign during the match-style practice we had today. I would like to think over those signs once again to make the most appropriate decision.
As you know, the players have had several days off. This was because I really wanted to give them a certain period of time off since they had to play a series of matches so far. I wanted my players to recover from their fatigue.
The players also had a physical checkup before they had their break. I obtained their checkup results. Their results had both positive and negative aspects. What was positive about their results was that almost all the players had improved their instantaneous force and endurance, which was such a pleasing development.
What was unfortunate was that only twenty two players had the physical checkup. There are thirty players who participate in training at the moment. However, it was unfortunate that only twenty-two out of thirty players had the checkup. Certainly, Abe Yuki was an exception as he was in Korea in order to participate in the All-Star match held there. But, as for other players, they were not able to participate in the checkup due to their injuries. I think it is good that figures show some improvement as a whole. Considering our preparation for the next season, I would like to continue to have this type of physical checkup regularly in the future so that I can give my players the right amount of burden based on the correct figures. I think it makes perfect sense for the players to have their physical conditions checked around this time of the year.
I would like to have as many goals as we can for our away match against Gamba Osaka. If we can make many scoring opportunities like we did during the match against Shimizu S-Pulse, we will be able to have even better results next time. But, of course, we have to make better decisions than we did during our last match.