Team Manager Tsuyoshi Otsuki – Press Conference after the Match against Kawasaki Frontale  

Comment from Team Manager Tsuyoshi Otsuki after the Meiji Yasuda J1 League 33rd Sec Match against Kawasaki Frontale

Since we were able to score a goal shortly after the match started in the way we had hoped, we wanted to seize this momentum to progress the match positively. However, we had a series of intense moments. As a result, we started to lose our physical and organizational strength little by little. When we lost three goals successively, we couldn’t respond well in exerting power. Though our players worked hard, the match turned out to be a difficult one.

Questions and Answers

Q: You had Hidetoshi Takeda and Yuki Abe as starting members today. What was the reason and what did you think of their performance?

A: I had them as our starting members so that they could get the ball and pass it forward when switching from defense to offense. They carried out what I had expected them to do during the first half of the match, such as getting the ball and passing it forward successfully to Ugajin. It would have been great had they been able to do this more often than they did today. Considering the intensity of the match we had today, I knew it would be difficult for them to continue to perform as I had expected but it would have been good had they been able to carry out their good performance for a longer period. Having said that, given the fact that this was the first time for them to play in a match as starting members, they did really well during the first half of the match. Nonetheless, I had hoped they could have sustained their good performance a little bit longer.

However, not only those two but the whole team has to play more efficiently and improve the quality of their performance when taking the ball in our possession. Since it would be difficult for only those two players to respond to this type of situation, we must improve the quality of the performance of the whole team.

Q: Kawasaki Frontale won the league title this year and it is currently considered to be the strongest team in the J. League. Having played against such a team today, did you feel there was any difference in the ability between the two teams? If so, what do you think your team needs to do to fill the gap? Please also tell us how you wish to prepare the team for their next final match?

A: I felt that there was a big difference between the two teams in terms of the consistency of performance quality, efficiency of play as well as the level of organizational maturity to make these things possible. I recognize a significant difference between the two in keeping a consistent performance and the level of organizational precision to increase the efficiency in delivering this.

Since the next match is our season final home match, we want to finish it with a victorious result not matter what.

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Team Manager Tsuyoshi Otsuki – Press Conference after the Match against Kawasaki Frontale