Team Manager Oswaldo Oliveira – pre-match press conference the day before the match against Shonan Bellmare  

Comment from Team Manager Oliveira the day before the Meiji Yasuda J1 League 11th Sec match against Shonan Bellmare

Questions and Answers
Q: The team has yet to score any goals over the past two matches. Did you give them any specific instructions during the limited training period in terms of goal scoring?
A: We haven’t scored any goals in the past two matches. But, we have certainly been practicing to score goals. That fact that we haven’t been successful doesn’t mean we haven’t been practicing to score goals. We train ourselves in this regard. However, during the game, we have our opponent to battle against and they try to block us from attempting any goals. It is still too early for me to make any concluding comments in terms of goal scoring as not enough time has passed since I came to the club. Urawa Reds is a team that needs to win and we are preparing ourselves to win. It is important for us to trust our senses and to continue with our work in a calm manner.

Q: I trust you have many good memories associated with Saitama Stadium. How do you feel about playing the first home match at the stadium tomorrow?
A: That is right. I played many tight big games here at Saitama Stadium. I have many good memories associated with the stadium. Now, as I have just opened a new chapter in my career, I can play a match in this Saitama Stadium as my home stadium. I want to create new good memories here by winning many more matches in this stadium.

Q: Looking at the current standings, Shonan Bellmare won and lost as many matches as Urawa Reds. Urawa Reds is ranked above them because of the total number of goals scored. What is your impression of Shonan Bellmare?
A: I regard them as a very challenging opponent. But, as the season is still in its early stage, it is difficult to assess the capability of teams just by the number of wins and losses. As time passes, we may be able to distinguish the capabilities of teams based on such figures. We certainly want to gain three points by winning the match tomorrow and it won’t happen by us just standing on the pitch. We will battle on the pitch in order to make this happen.

Q: The mini game training you had yesterday was very tough. Are you demanding your team members to have the physical and mental strength to cater for such tough training sessions?
A: Given the fact that the season has already started, it is not ideal in terms of the timing. By running this type of training during the pre-season period, players are able to build enough physical strength. I prefer high intensity training. This is because what players go through can be translated into their actions during a match. Considering the results we need to achieve during the match, I believe we need to have high strength, high intensity training.

Q: I overheard some players say that playing a real match would be easier than training.
A: That is one of the purposes. Incorporating a high intensity program into training through careful planning will allow players to be in good condition and they can play better in a real match. However, as our players have limited time between two matches under the current circumstance, it is a pity that I cannot introduce the type of training I ran yesterday with our starting member players. For any other players, I will continue to run high intensity training as I did yesterday.

Q: Given the number of matches your players have to play, I imagine their exhaustion is matter of your concern. How do you manage the players who play in matches?
A: As you pointed out, this is a difficult matter. How I manage the current situation is to rotate the members. It is a little difficult to let our players recover well. If I cannot let them recover well, not only will their condition and performance suffer but also the chances of them getting injured will increase. Certainly, I receive a lot of information regarding our players from the Urawa Reds medical and coaching staff. However, I am yet to reach the stage where I can personally assess and ascertain their recovery conditions. All the information I receive is important, but I think it is imperative for me to be able to make the right judgement for our players by understanding more about them.

Q: Urawa Reds President Fuchida informed us that when he addressed the club staff members yesterday, it was surrounded by such a good atmosphere. What do you think of the atmosphere of the club that the staff members create?
A: It has been one week since I came to this club. Looking at how the club staff members act, it is more than satisfactory. They create such a positive atmosphere. The success of a soccer club doesn’t depend only on its players. There are many people working outside of the pitch and those people interact with the players on a daily basis to support them to be on the pitch. When there is a strong trust between staff and players, this translates into players’ performance. When a player stands on the pitch, he is not standing there all by himself. He brings everything he encountered during the week of preparation onto the pitch. When the cheerful support of fans and supporters is added into this picture, the right environment is set for players to bring their potential out to the max.

Q: You mentioned that the match played after losing a match is important. What kind of mentality do you think is important for players to have playing again after losing a match?
A: Any match is important. Regardless of the result of the previous match, players must hold their spirts high and come to the stadium with a high motivation. It is not good to have a negative mindset just because we had lost. Players must have a strong mindset of standing on the pitch firmly irrespective of their previous match result. I am not denying the fact that losing a match influences players’ emotion. But, it is important for them to have the right attitude to play well in the following match to seize victory.

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Team Manager Oswaldo Oliveira – pre-match press conference the day before the match against Shonan Bellmare Team Manager Oswaldo Oliveira – pre-match press conference the day before the match against Shonan Bellmare