Team Manager Mischa - press conference after the match against Kashiwa Reysol  

Comment from Team Manager Mischa after the Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Company J. League 14th sec match against Kashiwa Reysol

We had a fast-paced match and both teams did great today. As for the first half of the match, we had enough opportunities to score. However, the match progressed to be a neck-and-neck match and we painfully lost a goal during additional time.

During the first half, our opponent tried to press our team and swiftly made attacks against us once they took the ball away from us. However, as for the second half of the match, we were able to control the match and pressed our opponent team instead. I believe that all scoring opportunities Kashiwa Reysol created were made through feeding the ball to Cristiano. Given this was the case, I think our team had created many good scoring opportunities.

Had we been successful nailing the penalty kick, we could have won the match by coming from behind. Though we had other decisive scoring opportunities, Kashiwa Reysol’s goal keeper did a fantastic job by blocking our players’ several attempt to score goals.

Despite the very hard 120 minute match they had on Wednesday, our players ran and battled well until the very last moment of the match today. I cannot condemn them as they showed a strong determination to win and worked hard for it today. The fact that they fought through to the last moment of the match without giving up will help them during future matches. As far as today’s match was concerned, I commend our players for doing well by running and battling hard and carried out a good match despite the recent hard play schedule.
[Urawa Reds Official Media (URD: OM)]

Team Manager Mischa – press conference after the match against Kashiwa Reysol