Reflecting upon the training camp - Team Manager Mischa  

On 29 June, Team Manager Mischa gave a general overview of the training camp held in Shizuoka.

Comment from Team Manager Mischa

We had very good training during the training camp. We finished the camp with the training match we had today. Overall, our team remained focused and had a great camp.

As is always the case, we worked to improve our physical condition during the first and second weeks of the camp. During the camp, we had tactical training by using balls. As our players suffered from fatigue, their precision may have suffered a little. However, as we still have three weeks to go before the reopening of the J. League, we can work on our tactical precision until then.

As was evident during today’s training match, when players are tired, they sometime slowdown in making swift judgments and they can lose precision. However, this is to be expected given the circumstance. We will work to get ourselves into good physical condition and to improve our precision over the next three weeks before the reopening of the J. League. Temperatures soared quite a lot today and we are expected to play in extremely hot weather over the next two months or so. Considering this will be the case, it was a good thing that we were able to play the training match in the hot weather today.

Regarding the combination of front line players, we are not limited to have only one combination. There can be a few different combinations. I would like to work on improving their performance based on each of the combinations we will have. There is no need for us to stick to one fixed combination. It is not so much of an issue who plays as starting members and who will be replaced by whom during a match. It is important for us to have a team which can function well regardless of the variations we have.

We are expected to play a series of matches during the very hot summer period. There will be the Emperor’s Cup and we will have Yamazaki Nabisco Cup matches to play in September. By taking these into consideration, having only one combination is not good enough for us. We need to make team-wide efforts to make us function regardless of who plays for the team.

Over the next three weeks, we will focus on improving our combinations and aggressiveness in our defense. As we have focused much on improving our physical conditions during the camp, I regard the upcoming period as time for us to work on our precision. I am confident that we can address our speed and sharpness by making good adjustments from now.

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Reflecting upon the training camp – Team Manager Mischa