Press conference after the match against Buriram United F.C.  

Comments from Team Manager Oswaldo Oliveira and Shinzo Koroki after the AFC Champions League 2019 Group Stage MD5 match against Buriram United F.C.

Questions and Answers

Q: What do you think about your team’s performance today?

Oswaldo Oliveira: Our team was able to play well today. We overcame the difficult challenges of fighting against a formidable opponent in very high temperatures to bring out our good performance. We scored two goals but our players created more scoring opportunities in addition to those two goals. I am very pleased that our team won the match today against a highly skilled team with a number of excellent players.

Q: Are you happy with the result of the match?

Shinzo Koroki: Given the hot weather, we had anticipated the match to be a very tough one. It is great that we gained three points by winning the match today as we had no choice but to win the match in order to get to the next stage. However, this is not the end. We still have a home match to play against a Chinese team. If we cannot win the next match, today’s win will be meaningless to us. For this reason, we will do our utmost for the next match. We will continue to work hard to win the next match.

Oswaldo Oliveira: Certainly, I am pleased with our victory today. I am particularly happy with our team’s performance. We won the difficult match against a very challenging opponent, Buriram United F.C. today by getting past the hard pressings from our opponent by playing the match attentively while remaining disciplined. Winning today’s match was an important development for our team to move forward especially going through to the next stage.

At the risk of repeating myself, I am very pleased that our team won the match against Buriram United in their home stadium today.

Q: The team scored two goals during the first half of the match by gaining momentum, which hasn’t happened before. What do you think of the two goals made today and what exactly do you think contributed to today’s victory?

Shinzo Koroki: Firstly, I think we passed the ball around amongst ourselves from behind. We did it really well while our opponent struggled to take the ball away from us. Our team had players in good positions to move the ball around. As a result, we had managed to score the goal first at a very early stage, which made us feel relaxed. Though our opponent scored their goal soon after that, we remained calm and didn’t lose our control and scored another goal by nailing the first attempt by passing the ball well vertically forward. If we can play like we did today more often, we will be able to score more goals. I think we did really well during the first half of the match today.

As for the second half, we had created more scoring opportunities. Had we been able to score those opportunities including myself, we would have had an even more relaxed match. I think those are the points we must work hard to address.

Oswaldo Oliveira: I don’t think I need to add anything to Koroki’s excellent comment. But, let me supplement on his remarks a little.
I would like to highlight the importance of today’s match as well as the quality of our opponent today. I want to highlight these two important points. I am very content with how Urawa Reds performed today, To move forward, today’s outcome is a very positive development for our team. I feel we can play well not only for the upcoming ACL matches but also for the rest of the season.

Q: What kind of changes did your team go through to be able to score goals?

Oswaldo Oliveira: We have scored goals in the past. Looking at the match against Buriram United alone, we scored three goals in our home match and two in our away.

Obviously, we had times when we were not able to perform as we had prepared ourselves for given the number of matches we had played and the long distances travels in between. But, looking at today’s match alone, as Koroki pointed out, we created several scoring opportunities during the second half of the match. He could have scored additional two goals and there was a moment that the ball our team kicked hit the goal post today. We certainly spend lots of time practicing being able to nail those opportunities we create for every match we play.

Oswaldo Oliveira: Thank you for your kind attention everyone. Next time I visit Thailand, I would love to enjoy what the country has to offer such as beaches, city life and nice restaurants etc. This is my fourth time to come to the country but every time I am here on my business. I would like to come to Thailand for other reasons next time.

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Press conference after the match against Buriram United F.C.