Our performance deserved the victory-Team Manager Mischa  

Comment from Team Manager Mischa after the J. League 19th Sec match against Jubilo Iwata
During the last two weeks between our two league matches, it has become very hot. As we have had to play in hot weather, I was not sure how our team would perform during the match today.

Jubilo Iwata, our opponent for today’s match is a very tough team to play against. They are a fantastic team. However, we were able to control them from the beginning of the match today. I also thought that we did well for changing our pace when making attacks. Our team functioned very well to change their pace to make swift attacks once they had the ball in their possession.

I thought our team’s performance deserved the victory we had today. I feel so grateful to our supporters for their full support from the beginning until the last moment of the match today. I think our team tried their best to respond to such expectations of our supporters.

Though we were able to achieve a positive result, we should not be carried away. As my players are aware, we have more to improve. For this reason, we should not feel elated by today’s victory even for a brief moment. There are 15 more tough matches waiting for us in the rest of the season. We must keep working hard in order to achieve good results. I repeatedly tell my players that it is most dangerous for us to lose sight of the reality. People may think that after a few winning matches, Urawa Reds can win the League title. However, going through the season is a long process. For this reason, we must place importance on every match we play without losing sight of reality. I think there will be many more tough matches in the rest of the season. The process we are going through requires the team’s tough work.

Good performance means achieving good results. We form our team by selecting suitable members for the team. During this process, some players left the team or worked on self strengthening. We play with a strong determination to win matches with the selected members. As a result, I have gaining more confidence in my players day by day. I am hoping to continue to fight through the remaining 15 matches with the same members. Though this will be a tough job, I will do my best to make the team to achieve our goal.
[Urawa Reds Official Media (URD: OM)]

Our performance deserved the victory-Team Manager Mischa