Match information-J. League Second Sec against FC Tokyo  

The following information is about the Reds’ first home match against FC Tokyo which will be held on Sunday, 14 March at Saitama Stadium.

Second sec. first Division, 2010 J. League
Uwara Reds vs. FC Tokyo
Sunday 14 March 2010 at Saitama Stadium, 2:02 pm kick off

★Walk-up tickets are on sale from 10:00 to 15:30 from on-the-day ticket booths at the North and South gates of Saitama Stadium. A total of 2000 tickets will be made available including 1700 tickets for main stand upper reserve seats (adults 3000 yen, elementary and junior high school students 2000 yen) and 300 tickets for back stand upper reserve seats (2500 yen per ticket).
* Tickets can also be purchased for the above mentioned prices prior to match day at Family Mart shops, Ticket Pia shops as well as Circle K/Sunkus.

★Expected opening time: 11:00 am * Visitor gate will open at 11:30 am.

【Events held at the South Square】
◆Official goods shop (9:30-17:30)
・A special booth that sells 2010 Season replica uniforms *Uniforms can be purchased at other official goods shops as well.
・A special booth that sells Saitama Prefecture’s mascot character “Kobaton” goods * Kobaton goods can be purchased at other goods shops as well.
Kobaton mascot mini normal version: 500 yen, Reds Kobaton mascot mini away version: 500 yen, Kobaton mascot strap: 500 yen, Cube strap: 700 yen

◆Official supporters club booth (10:30 – 17:00)
New members will receive special supporters’ goods on the spot once they sing up for the membership.

◆Partners’ booth
☆Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (9:00-14:00)
・Three Mitsubishi automobiles will be on display (New RVR, one Kingfisher blue/one red)
・Brochures will be available
・Photo shoot session “Isshomotto web”
☆The Asahi Shimbun Company (10:00-17:00)
・New subscribers campaign
・Join the Asahi Soccer Supporters Club (ASSC) campaign
・Visitors can participate in a quiz.
☆Sky PerfecTV! (10:00-17:00)
・New subscriptions are welcome. New members will receive a gift (schedule stickers and a J. League & World Cup Watchers’ Guide will be presented).
* How to receive your gifts.
Please bring the March issue of either “Sky PerfecTV! Days” or “e2Days”magazines which are sent to the subscribers of Sky PerfecTV! or Sky PerfecTV! e2 to the Sky PerfecTV! booth in the South Square.
(If you have joined the membership recently and have not received the subscribers magazines, please bring your “Users’ Guide” to the booth.)
Since the numbers of the campaign goods are limited, gifts will not be handed to those who do not bring their subscribers’ magazine.)

◆Friends of the United Nations Asia-Pacific booth (10:30-17:30)
・Charity drive and the promotion of its activities

◆Heart-full concert
Saitama City Kawadoori Junior High School brass band club
1st session: 11:30 – 12:00, 2nd session: 12:30 – 13:00

◆RedsLand booth (10:00 – 14:00)
・Offering new membership for 2010
・Display panels showing RedsLand facilities, events and schools will be set up.
・”Kick target” game
* Please feel free to have a go as anyone can participate in the game.

◆After game Reds bar (16:00-17:30)
Tables and chairs are put out in the South Square after the match for fans and supporters to enjoy the post match atmosphere together with their friends. Drinks and meals will be sold at the venue.

◆Applications for the Red Diamonds Supporters Club will be open (11:00 – 15:00)
Venue: next to the Main Lower Information Desk

◆Information on food and drink stands on the concourse
☆New shop,“Yamada Udon”: near entrance 206
☆Shop changed, “Ajiemon”: near entrances 603 and 604
☆hop changed, “Sanpoen”: near entrances 215 and 310
* Yakitori shop “Nipponichi” which was located near gate C6 on the second floor concourse up until last season has now moved to the South Square.
Those who would like to purchase yakitori from shop “Nipponichi” will now need to do so from their catering car parked in the South Square.

◆Boys’ match (11:35 kick off)
Kishi-mach Boys Soccer Club vs Motobuto Boys Soccer Club
Match will be played on the main pitch

◆Best Pitch Award presentation ceremony (from around 13:00)
Saitama Stadium received the Best Pitch Award in the 2009 J. League Awards. A presentation ceremony will be held on the pitch before the match.

◆Ticket sales for the next home stadium match
Tickets for the J. League Yamazaki Nabisco Cup played against Jubilo Iwata will be sold as follows. Please do not miss the following opportunity. Please note that the numbers of the ticket available are limited.
Venue: Saitama Stadium’s directly-managed shop located by the S215 South Side Stand D1 gate
Time: from the second half kick off
Ticket types: SC seat/A seat for adults, A seat for elementary and junior high school students
* Ticket sales will finish when all tickets at the shop are gone.

◆FM “GO REDS GO!” radio rental service in the stadium
Stadium FM Radio “GO! REDS GO!” will be broadcasted in the Saitama Stadium’s main upper stand during this season as well. Listeners can enjoy play-by-play comments and bench report as well as the real sound collected on the pitch to feel the excitement the Reds players are feeling on the pitch. The radio will make your game watching experience in the main upper stand fun with interesting content including information about the Reds and Stadium shop information.
”Stadium FM Go! REDS GO!”
☆Frequency: 77.5MHZ
☆Air time: 10 minutes before to the end of the match
☆Five hundred radios will be rented out by the information desk located between entrances 502 and 503 on the main upper stand concourse.
* One thousand yen will be collected as a deposit in exchange for a radio. The deposit money will be returned when the radio is safely returned.

◆Access to the Stadium
・Shuttle buses will run from Urawa Station East Exit (in front of PARCO) to the Stadium from 4 hours before until 30 minutes prior to the match. You can use PASMO and Suica cards on every shuttle bus.
・From Urawa Misono Station, one coin shuttle buses will be running from 4 hours before the match, providing a convenient service to those who would like to get to the stadium before opening.
・Shuttle buses from Kita-Koshigaya Station will run from 3.5 hours before the match. Shuttle buses from Higashi Urawa Station will run from 3 hours before the match.
・A tax pool will be set up for public use in the North parking lot of the fourth ground after the match.
* There will be 18,000 non reserve seats available located at the back of the goals and the back stand. Lining up orders will be decided in a draw which will be held 6 hours prior to the match (8:00 am) on the match day. Those who are after non reserved seats are expected to line up to get their seats based on the draw result. Those who do not participate in the draw can also find non reserved seats. Therefore, please do not rush to come to the stadium too early. We appreciate your kind cooperation.
The East parking lot will temporarily be open from 7:00 to 9:00 am on the match day for the draw which will be held at 8:00 am. Please do not illegally park cars on the road near the stadium. Please move you car out of the parking lot swiftly once the draw is finished. Thank you in advance for your kind cooperation.

* Requests from Japan Rail East Japan and Saitama Railway Corporation
Please follow the instruction of the station staff and use Saitama Rails’s Exit One, if you change trains at Higashi Kawaguchi Station from Saitama Railway line to JR Musashino line after coming back from Saitama Stadium. We ask for your understanding and kind cooperation for safety reasons.

◆TV broadcasting: TBS (live) from 2:00 pm, TBS channel CS (live) from 2:00 pm, Sky PerfecTV! (live) Normal picture resolution: 363ch from 2:00 pm/High vision: 616ch from 2:00 pm/e2: 301ch from 2:00 pm

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