Let’s Make the Summer Unforgettable! in Reds Land  

A summer holiday event in Reds Land, “Let’s Make the Summer Unforgettable! in Reds Land” was held at 9:30 am on 23rd August.

Although it rained sporadically, a total of 72 people including parents and children participated in the event held which was being held for the first time.

After the opening ceremony, the participants played soccer together with Heart-full Club Captain Hiroshi Ochiai and some other coaches at the futsal court at 10 am. They did dribbling, stretching and had a game in which you played “scissors-paper-stone” with the person next to you. If you win, you will be able advance to the next place. If you lose, you will have to return back to your original position. To win, you must win “scissors-paper-stone” 4 times in a row. Then, the adults and children were separated into 2 teams and played a game. Cheers arose when players scored or showed good plays.

A barbeque was held in the day camp area. Fathers started the fire by using fire starters and charcoal on the barbeque pit. The participants enjoyed meats and vegetables produced in Saitama prefecture that were sponsored by “JA Group Saitama”. The Heart-full Club Coaches also joined in the barbeque and mingled with the participants.

After the lunch, the participants attended to a nature program hosted by “NPO Association for Outdoor Activity Education Promotion”. They learned how to make paper aeroplanes and measure distance and height from steps and use ropes. An orientation and a quiz session were held at “Akigase Park”, next to Reds Land. The children who seemed to enjoy being in nature, ran around energetically until the event ended.

A day of soccer and nature experience finished at 4:30 pm.

Urawa Reds hope that this experience will become an unforgettable summer memory for the children.