Joint Press Conference for 1st ACL Quarter-match   

Before the training which was open to the public, Urawa Reds and Al Qadsia held a joint press conference at 8 pm on the 16th of September (local time).

Team Manager Engels and Captain Nobuhisa Yamada of Urawa Reds attended the press conference. Manager Mohammed Ibrahem and Al Shammari attended it for Al Qadsia.

Team Manager Engels,
“We are really motivated. It will be an interesting match. The opponent team is the No.1 team in Kuwait. They are a good and well balanced team. They advanced from the group stage with their patient play. We are now playing in the quarter-final. We both want to advance to the next step. I assure you that it will be an exciting match.”

Nobuhisa Yamada
“It will be a tough game. We must at least get a draw. I will do my best. It is important that we are able to play with our style of football.”

Manager Mohammed Ibrahem
“I am very happy to be able to play against Reds. Reds is the reigning champions. We are very motivated. What we have to do now is to try our best to have a good match. There is a difference between Japanese soccer teams and our team. Reds have some famous players who have played in the world cup. It is certainly a great team.”

Al Shammari
“I am not familiar with the Japanese players, but I am sure it will be a tough game for us. I will do my best. We are both mentally and physically ready for the match.”