I was able to feel the team’s determination to aim for a victory-Team Manager Petrovic  

Comment from Team Manager Petrovic after the training match against Ryutsu Keizai University
Though the team ended the training match with the result of 1 to 1, I had a good feeling about the overall match. The team was able to create several good opportunities during the first half of the match, though it was a pity that they were not able to make the most of those opportunities. During the second half, young players from our Youth team joined the team. I believe that they too had a great experience today.

(What do you mean by having a good feeling about the overall match? Could you be more specific about this?)
I think the team is getting better compared to how they were during the previous match in terms of working in coordination as a whole when pressing the opponent team. Marcio and the surrounding team players worked better in coordination with each other this time and Haraguchi broke through the sides several times. However, it is still necessary for each member of the entire team to improve the accuracy of their crossing and kicks. It has only been a bit over 10 days. I think the team will be much better and will be confident about themselves from now.

(You ordered your team’s side attackers in the mid field to position themselves wide across the pitch.)
I wanted to create a one-on-one situation for side players by changing sides, which is their strength. In addition to this, I wanted to create a space for side back players to move into after they get the ball in the center of the pitch rather than having players crowd themselves in the mid field from the beginning. I had these two intentions in my mind. Besides that, if players on the sides come to the middle ground from the beginning, players in the center such as Edmilson or Marcio would have to play in a limited space.

(From your point of view as a team manager who values the importance of winning, how would you assess your players’ attitude today?)
I am content with their attitude in that regard. For example, our players were letting out their voices a lot during the match today. I was able to sense their determination I think this is very important. For instance, Noda who played in the left side back position today put 100 per cent into the practice not to mention the match today. I was able to see good attitudes like this during the match today. I believe that having the three players, namely Nagata, Kashiwagi and Spiranovic back with us soon will invite good competition among our team players.

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