Family Event at Redsland  

“Enjoy Family Day” was held at Redsland on the 15th of September.

Former Team Manager Guido Ulrich Buchwald and Reds Ladies players participated in the opening at 10 am. The former team manager said, “I am very happy to come to Redsland today. It is my 3rd visit here. Every time I come here, I realize that the place is cleaner and bigger. It is nice of Urawa Reds to hold such an event for the people. And it is good that Urawa Reds have a wonderful facility like this for the supporters. I love sports, so let’s enjoy together”.

After that, Jr. Youth Ladies Coach, Takamasa Watanabe led the warm up. The participants played tennis, futsal, SNAG golf and cycling which was held at different locations in Redsland.

1,229 people participated in the event. Redia family also joined various activities together with the participants of the event. Former team manager, Guido Ulrich Buchwald, also played futsal and tennis with the supporters. The poster “ALL COME TOGETHER!” was put up everywhere in Redsland. Some children also played with locusts and frogs.

The enjoy soccer event started at 12:50 pm. There were 3 categories; children below junior high school, ladies and boys who are in junior high school and above. They played on the normal ground. Tatsuya Tanaka and Keita Suzuki were the guest commentators. Tatsuya looked at a child from the below junior high school category and joked, “He will be bigger than me” and did a commentary, “Goal! It’s in”. Keita had a chat with Tatsuya and watched the game with smile on his face.

For the final event, Keita, Tatsuya and Head Coach of Reds Ladies Hiroshi Muramatsu went up the stage. Keita said, “When we have games at Saitama Stadium on weekends, please come and watch us. At other times, please have fun here at Redsland. Thank you for your support”.

Tatsuya commented, “Although it was a relatively short time, it was very interesting to watch. I also have small kids, so I will bring them here to play. Please visit again. We, as a team, still have games, so please give us your support”.

Some Reds Ladies players and Head Coach Muramatsu also gave comments. Head Coach Muramatsu said, “It looks like our players had a lot of fun. I sometimes come here and run. If you see me, please feel free to approach me”.

Lastly, Director of Urawa Reds Mr. Nitta said, “It has been 3 years since Redsland opened. We will continue to organize events like this in the future. We hope many people can have fun here”. After that, the event, full of participants and smiles, ended.

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