Despite the loss, there were many positive aspects of the team-Team Manager Mischa  

Comment from Team Manager Mischa after AFC Champions League, Group League first match against Guangzhou Evergrande Football Club

Q: Please share your thoughts on today’s match.

A: We certainly feel very sad after losing the match with the result of 0 to 3. But, both teams played really aggressively and performed very well. The first lost goal highlighted our opponent players’ great skills. As for the second and third goals lost, we must take the blame for them as our players made mistakes and let the ball get in the opponent team’s possession. Our team created many chances and there were times when we could have had a penalty kick as one of the opponent team players touched the ball within their penalty area. Also, I thought the referees’ decisions were borderline when the opponent team was in offside positions. During the first half of the match, assistant referees allowed offsides often. However, they started to take more offsides into account in the second half of the match.

As is often the case when it comes to playing soccer, though we lost the match with the result of 0 to 3, I thought the performances of both teams were neck and neck. However, our team lost the match in the end. Despite our loss, I was able to see many positive aspects of the team.

Q: What do you think about today’s match result? What was your impression about the three foreign players of Guangzhou Evergrande Football Club? Do you think your team players struggled in dealing with those three foreign players?

A: Their number 11 foreign player was such a formidable player that it must have been tough for our players when they had to play one-on-one against him. When we will play the home match against them, we certainly have to contain their number 11 player. However, by looking at the whole 90 minutes of the match, I thought our players outperformed our opponents as a whole. Guangzhou Evergrande Football Club had good players who play well as individuals. When we play against Guangzhou Evergrande next time, we will contain their well-performing foreign players to win the match.

Q: Urawa Reds does not have many foreign players and those who did play in the match today did not play throughout the match either. What is the reason for this? Do you think your team would have won the match today if Guangzhou Evergrande did not have their three foreign players?

A: I have been working with Japanese football teams over the last eight seasons in Japan. I know there are many highly talented players in Japan. Of course, if there are better foreign players, I personally would like to have them as members of our team. However, if you are hoping to acquire those foreign players who are better than Japanese players, it will cost us so much money. If there is someone like Guangzhou Evergrande’s number 11 player, I would love to have him as part of our team. But, we do not have abundant financial resources like Guangzhou Evergrande.

It might have been possible for us to win today’s match if their number 11 player did not play in the match. Nonetheless, I thought our team did better if we consider the overall performance quality as a team.
[Urawa Reds Official Media (URD: OM)]

Despite the loss, there were many positive aspects of the team-Team Manager Mischa