Coach Takafumi Hori - press conference after the match against F.C. Tokyo  

Comment from Team Manager Mischa after the 2016 J. League YBC Levain Cup Semifinal 1st match against F.C. Tokyo

Before the match today, we discussed amongst ourselves that we should regard the YBC Levain Cup Semifinal round as a 180-minute long battle and consider today’s game as the first 90 minutes of that battle. With this in mind, we decided to remain calm to play a good match. As we had anticipated F.C. Tokyo players started off the match aggressively and they held the ball in their possession for a long time during the course of the 90 minute match today. As this was the case, I believe there were a few tough moments for our players. Nonetheless, they remained patient and we finished the first half of the match without any troubles.

During half time, I told our team members what they needed to change and address. Though our team lost a goal first, we were able to come from behind by scoring two goals before the end of the match. As we talked amongst ourselves that it would be important for us to work hard to bring home some advantage, I am very pleased that our players had managed to achieve the goal we set by doing their best. I commend their hard work and I am very grateful for them doing their best.

I also believe that the fact that Team Manager Mischa wasn’t with the team had some effect on our players as they wanted to bring the best for their team manager when he is back with the team for the next match. Our players were able to exhibit their potential with all of these points in their minds during the match today.
[Urawa Reds Official Media (URD: OM)]

Coach Takafumi Hori – press conference after the match against F.C. Tokyo