Agri-field Harvest Festival at Reds Field   

“Agri-field Harvest Festival 2008” was held at Reds Land in good weather on the 13th of October.

With more than 300 people’s participation, the opening ceremony started at 10:30 am. President Mitsunori Fujiguchi made an opening speech. “Although Reds Land is a sports facility, we also think that it has an important theme; to live with nature. I hope you can have fun today.” Agriculture Policy Public Relations Assistant Manager of JA Saitama Chuou, Yamashita commented, “I hope all of the members in your family can enjoy harvesting sweet potatoes. I believe that today is an exceptional day for children to make a mess on their clothes”. Then the harvesting started. The sweet potatoes were planted on the 1st of June. Name plates were placed during that time. The people moved to the name plate they placed and were extra careful to dig up the sweet potato which was lying deep inside the ground by using a scoop.

Norihiro Yamagishi also participated in the event personally together with his 2 children. Riad Geylan who is an assistant of TV Saitama “REDS TV GGR” had fun harvesting sweet potatoes. While they were having fun harvesting potatoes, frogs and lizards appeared. Mothers screamed and children forgot about sweet potatoes and tried to catch them. Despite the unexpected incident, both sweet potatoes and peanuts were successfully harvested.

After harvesting sweet potatoes, they had a BBQ. Reds Land prepared Kuro Buta pork and vegetables which were distributed to the people. When they started to char-grill, the place was engulfed in a fragrant smell. Pork soup and baked sweet potatoes were also distributed and the participants enjoyed their food. During the BBQ, the mid-flow information of Takamadonomiya Cup game was announced. “Reds Youth is leading the game with a score line of 5-1.” When it was announced, the place was erupted in a big round of applause and screams.

The event continued with a cooking lesson using sweet potatoes by JA Saitama Women’s Association, Bingo game and treasure hunt for children aged 6 and below. Under the clear sky, Reds Land Agri-field was full of chatter between families and friends until 3 pm.

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