After playing the match against Yokohama F・Marinos-Team Manager Finke  

Comment from Team Manager Volker Finke after playing in the J. League Fourteenth Sec. against Yokohama F・Marinos
First of all, I would like to congratulate our opponent today. They deserved the victory today. After all, it is not good enough to play well just for 30 minutes when playing soccer in a league match. I think that our team played really well for the first 30 minutes. However, since that point onwards, our players were not able to pass the ball around as well as they usually do for some reason. For this reason, unfortunately they were not able to show their combination play as expected. I cannot explain in details yet as to why this type of thing happened after 30 minutes into the game. To be honest with you, considering how we have played our last few games, what happened today was a very big surprise for me. I would like to analyze the reason behind our performance after 30 minutes into the game well from now.
Since we have just finished our match today, it is very difficult for me to comment with any detailed analysis of the game as well as the reasons for why many things did not go well during the game here at this moment. We require more time for this.
Since we were able to play well for the full 90 minutes during the past few games, it is necessary for us to think about why we did not play well after 30 minutes into the game today.

(For the fist 30 minutes of the first half of the game, Urawa Reds ruled the match. Nonetheless, your team was not able to create shooting opportunities by breaking the opponents’ defense. What was the reason for this?)
I think our team played quite well at least for the first 30 minutes of the game. I thought that we had about two or three decisive moments for scoring goals. What I recall was when Tulio had a one on one situation with the opponent’s goalkeeper. I think it is important for the entire team to be able to win the match around that time. However, since our players ended up playing like they did after 30 minutes into the game, it was plausible that we lost the game.
However, I would not yet like to talk about the reasons why we could not make such decisive scoring opportunities into real scores during the first 30 minutes when we had the ball.

(In hindsight, wasn’t there the option of not using Tulio as well as using the same members who played in the previous match?)
Considering Tulio’s situation, there is no reason for you to ask me such a question. Tulio was given two complete days off. Besides, I do not think it was in Tulio’s mind that he would not play in today’s match. He was able to participate in team training yesterday. He checked the movement of 4 back players and went through the correct movements and so on.
He has several days off and then joined our team training before he played in today’s match. For this reason, I do not think him playing for the national team had caused any issues or criticisms.
If he did not play in today’s match, I am sure I was asked a completely different question (lol).

(What was the reason for placing Abe in the centre back position and replaced Tsuboi who had been playing full games until now?)
This was to do with his physical condition. To tell the truth, when we talked during half time, he said he might have been injured. For this reason, I even considered the option of changing him after half time. However, as he said that he would like to play for a while in the second half, I sent him on the pitch again. During the half time, even though I did not get a clear sign from him, I felt unsure if he was okay by looking at his performance. As this was the case, I decided to replace him at an early stage just to be on the safe side.

(Were there any physical condition problems behind today’s poor performance? Did the pitch being wet due to today’s rain cause some difficulties for your team?)
After today’s defeat, I do not think it is necessary for me to find many reasons to apologies for our performance. It is true that we did not perform well after 30 minutes into the match. However, I do not think it is a good idea to find many excuses such as the pitch being too wet, the lawn was too long or too short etc. It was a matter of fact that our team did not perform well after 30 minutes into the game. For this reason, I would like to analyze the reasons behind it with my players so that we can improve ourselves.
As such, I would not like to blame today’s weather or environment or any other reasons for our poor performance.