After playing the match against Nagoya Grampus-Team Manager Finke   

Comment from Team Manager Volker Finke after playing in the J. League Fifth Sec. against Nagoya Grampus
I am very much content with the first half of the game. We were able to play really well. Only one goal was not enough in reality but we were able to play fully.
I think that players worked hard to achieve the new way of football in a relatively limited time period. They played particularly well during the first half of the game in the way we aimed to play.
I thought we played a fighting game in the second half. Players had to fight several times rather than play in a game. Nonetheless, I thought that our players were able to play excellently under such circumstances. However, we were not able to score a second goal for a long time. I would like to work on this through our training from now so that we can score additional goals at an earlier stage.

(Why did you replace Tatsuya Tanaka?)
As those who were at the stadium saw, Tatsuya had to sprint and run such a long distance in order to defend the team. He sensed something was not quite right with his muscles during that time. We also saw that from the bench. Tatsuya told us that he wanted to have another player to take his place as he had some uncomfortable feelings with his muscles. For this reason, I decided to replace him. It might have been too early to have done so. However, he asked me to be replaced by another player by considering his team. I think it showed his positive attitude.

(Where did he have the uncomfortable feelings?)
It was behind his thigh.

(Haraguchi scored a goal. Would that be a positive step for his future development?)
Of course, the goal he scored today was a very important goal for his future development. That being said, I would still have appreciated his action the same way even if he made the last pass that led to the goal instead of scoring the actual goal. I think he has lots of potential for the future. He has excellent skills. However, there is still a lot to be improved. For this reason, I would like to give him as many realistic pieces of advice as possible so that I can assist his development for the future.
If newspapers push Haraguchi to be one of the next Japan national player, it would be away from the reality. I would like to continue to support him in as much a constructive manner as possible. For those who love football must have had inspiring emotions by looking at how we played on the pitch today. While Nobuhisa Yamada who is already 33 years old was playing in the way we aim to play with a smile, Naoki Yamada who is only 18 years old was playing just like the way Nobuhisa did on the same pitch. Naoki Yamada was able to calmly handle the ball as though he had already experienced 200 official matches. When a team functions well as a team even when different players play differently by showing individual talent, it would instigate great emotions among those who love football.
As I love football, I would like to pay more attention to something positive that happens on the pitch rather than only trying to identify problems of the team.

(Nagoya Grampus, the team your team played against also aims to play creative football. What was your impression of the team?)
When I was preparing for the match we played this time, I saw much footage of the matches Nagoya Grampus played during the last season as well as this season. As this was the case, I was aware of the fact that the team has good players who have excellent skills and play excellent football.
When I saw how they played today especially during the first half of the game, I thought the team functions well as a team. I feel great pleasure in playing against a team like this. When a match is played by teams like this, spectators as well as those who are concerned can see a fascinating match. I felt that we were able to show what we were capable of especially during the first half of the match thanks to the way our opponent played the game. We created several scoring opportunities as well. For this reason, I assume that it was a fascinating match for everyone concerned who was at the stadium.
I thought the Gramps changed their play style during the second half. They were trying to create scoring opportunities through playing as many aerial plays as possible by kicking high balls rather than passing the ball many times.
For this reason, there was more fascinating football during the first half of the game. A German expression for the type of football we played during the second half is expressed as “the type of football that breaks a steel bar”. I thought the football we played during the second half was that.