After playing the match against Kyoto Sanga F.C.-Team Manager Finke   

Comment from Team Manager Volker Finke after playing in the J. League Sixth Sec. against Kyoto Sanga F.C.
The team was able to show how they developed in a very positive way. Certainly, I was able to see good performances during today’s match. I think the team played well in our previous match against Nagoya as well. There were many things that I was really content with during the match today. However, it was regrettable that we were not able to score a second goal. In a sense, one nil is a dangerous situation. This situation of one nil went on for a long time. Nonetheless, I think that our team was able to show our positive development.
As you know, as a general rule, I hardly criticize the team in public. As such, I will refrain from making any further comment from now. I think our team is developing in a very positive manner.
There is another thing I would like to say. There were so many fans and supporters in the stadium when I visited the stadium last year. I think that football is a very emotional sport. Fantastic loyal supporters come to this stadium every sec. every year and they have been able to experience three consecutive victories in a row in this stadium.
I believe such good results will enhance the sense of connection between our team and our supporters in the future. I think we can work together for the development of the team.
I think it is necessary for us to improve our concentration during the score winning opportunities. If we lack in our concentration, it will be difficult for us to score additional goals. If the current situation would continue, people may start to wonder if the team manger Urawa Reds invited is Italian. However, this is not true (lol).

(The past three games had been tough. Do you see any benefit from strengthening the mental side of the players?)
I think the key to playing well in official matches lies in the amount of movement players are capable of. A good amount of movement is required by players. All the players on the pitch have to run a lot in order to kick the ball.
For this reason, we started our preparation the earliest in the J. League. Players had to run such a long distance without using balls during our first camp. Each player ran over 150 km during our first camp. The foundation to playing well will be established only after the players are able to improve their endurance like this.

(You say it is necessary to have good concentration to be able to score a goal. What do you mean by concentration here?)
Concentration in playing football is connected to mental strength, which is very important. Players are required to show their mental strength in front of 40,000 to 50,000 spectators in a stadium. For example, they have to make good results when they have a scoring opportunity in front of such large number of people. As you know, there is only one situation every time we play football. There is no second time for playing in the exact same situation. In order to perform really well in one and only situation, players are required to have a high level of concentration. I think that those players who are capable of playing well under such “one and only” circumstances are the ones who are truly of high quality.

(During the second half of the game, there were misalignments among the team and this created some chances for the opponent team. What do you think was the cause for this?)
This type of things happens often while playing football. When players cannot score goals even when they are playing during the first half as well as the second half, then they will start to think about the reason. When players still cannot score any goals during the second half, they may wonder why they have not been able to score any goals. This is natural for players, which cannot be prevented by a team manager.
When time passes with the score of 1 to 0 for sometime, players will not move forward actively. They won’t be able to push the ball forward even when they get the ball. However, in terms of the game we played today, I think we were able to create more scoring opportunities then our opponent team did.

(What was the reason for replacing Genki Haraguchi at an early stage of the second half of the game?)
For the development of young players, I think it is necessary for us to consider how much we should let him play on the pitch. I have much experience in terms of the development of young players. Based on my experiences, it is not necessary for a young player like him to be on the pitch for 90 minutes every time. We have to be responsible for deciding how long he should play by looking at the situation and the flow of the match as well as his performance.
I think Genki had created several scoring opportunities during the match today. However, he was not mentally able to score goals as it often happens while we play football. Under such a circumstance, players aspire to score goals. The stronger their determination, the more difficult it can be for them to score actual goals. Players should not have the notion that “they need to score a goal no matter what”. Instead, they should be a real part of the game and move well as part of the team. When players can do this, scoring goals come naturally. This is what football is all about. For this reason, considering the circumstance Genki was in, it was better for him to be replaced. I want to have him on the pitch for the next match and give him the opportunity to create some scoring chances.
You may think “Team Manager Finke is strange”. One thing I can say is that Edmilson may score lots of goals during this season. This is because he plays better defense compared to how he used to play during last year. When players can play good defense, space will be created naturally. When this happens, each forward player can score goals by taking advantage of the scoring chances being created. This is what I have talked about in many different places. This may be a little secret but the important thing is that forward players play good defense. When they play defense well and move for the team, scoring opportunities will be created naturally and they will be able to score some goals.

(Could you elaborate more on the idea of “positive development”?)
I would like you to understand that I do not want to comment much on this here at this time. But, I can say one thing and that is all the players of the team are working positively towards what we set out to do from this season. Many things may be new to them as they did not do so last year. They might have had to work hard to familiarize themselves with my method. However, they have worked hard to follow my method so far and as a result the entire team is moving well in the right direction. As this is the case, I would like to commend all the members who belong to the team.
It was not like we obtained some players from other teams by paying huge amounts of transfer money. Let alone, we lost several players. However, I believe that the current team players will be able to achieve the football we aspire to achieve as our goal. Every member of the team is participating in this new attempt with a strong determination.

(The defense line was really high and we believe it was the plan set out for the match against Kyoto Sanga F.C. Do you have any other plans?)
Our team has a completely different style of defense compared to the past few years. We introduced the four fullback system from this season and I would like to commend both center fullback players, Tulio and Tsuboi. I think they are doing a good job as centre backs in this four-back system. They are playing modern defense. When I say modern defense, this means that they play aggressive defense. By having our centre fullback players move the defense line forward, the opponent forward players have to go back to their side of the filed. They defend the team away from our goal as far as possible. For this reason, I really appreciate how center fullback players play.
Having said that, center fullback players are not the only important players. Side fullback players on both sides are also important. Nobuhisa Yamada and Hosogai who are in the position of right and left side fullbacks were not side fullback players in the four-fullback system originally. However, they are playing really well in their position and I can see many positive developments in various areas.