After playing the match against Gamba Osaka-Team Manager Finke  

Comment from Team Manager Volker Finke after playing in the J. League Twelfth Sec. against Gamba Osaka
Even when a match finishes with the score of 0 to 0, such a match can be very fascinating at times. I think the match we played today was such a match.
It may not be a good idea for me as a team manager to say this. But, I am extremely happy with the performance of our team players despite the fact that it was a tied game. I think all the players played excellently until they left the pitch today. Of course, I must take our opponent’s level into consideration in this case. But, I think that our team played really well against a very high level team.
I also think that the match we played was also good for the development of the team. Our defense team remained highly concentrated since the match we played against Kawasaki Frontale and their positioning improved as well. Our four full back players also played well in collaboration.
As for our attackers, their average age is quite young with players aged eighteen and twenty. Even Edmilson who can be regarded as “old” among them is twenty six years old. Our hopeful attackers such as Tatsuya Tanaka, Tsukasa Umesaki and Robson Ponte are away now due to injury. However, even without them, they were able to play like they did today. It was a very good sign for the development of the team.
I do not say anything like this in public usually but I thought the chief referee we had today did such an excellent job. Our opponent player’s team manager also did well to avoid having his player sent off by changing players after the player (uniform number 19) was given a yellow card. He was quite close to getting another yellow card and to being sent off. In this regard, the team manager of our opponent team also made a good decision today as well.
What I would like to reiterate here is that the chief referee as well as assistant referees did such a good job today. They blew their whistles firmly. The opponent team manager was also very cleaver as he replaced the number 19 player so that he won’t be sent off the pitch.
I am extremely content with the match we had today. This is because we were able to play such a high level of football.
I was under the impression that the team that managed to get a goal first will win the game and get three points. However, the game finished in a draw. But, since our team was able to create more scoring opportunities than our opponent did, I think we were closer to victory in this regard.
Finally, last but not to the least, it was unfortunate that Naoki Yamada was given the fourth yellow card. Now this is the case, he cannot play in the next match against Omiya Ordija. As he is already regarded as one of the important players for our team, it is very unfortunate that he cannot play in the next match for such a reason.

(What did you think about Sergio Escudero’s performance today?)
Certainly, he had to improve many things in many regards. We had to replace him with another player about 60 to 70 minutes into the game last time. He had a cramp in his muscles then. There are many things that he has to learn and improve. Nonetheless, he was able to show a better play than he did last time. There were some good moments as well. As he is also a player with a unique talent, I am sure he will be able to show his capability through his performance in order to bring victories to our team.

(Even though it was a high level match, Reds was not able to win the game. The performance of the players deteriorated during the second half of the game and the Gamba’s team manager, Mr Nishino said that he did not feel the strength of Reds even though he thought the team improved quite a lot. What do you think about all this?)
I do not wish to make a comment about Gamba Osaka here. I would like to prove to those related to Gamba that our young players are also capable of scoring goals with decisive power when we play in an away match against Gamba next time.
I think we were able to witness such a fascinating match today. The players of both teams played a very high level game today.
I think that both teams were conscious about playing “combination football” that emphasizes on playing passes. In regards to Gamba, the team utilized Endo (uniform number 7), one of the main players of the team who has lots of experience in playing “combination football” .
However, we were able to create scoring opportunities at an early stage before Gamba Osaka did. I am content with how our team has developed so far and I am very optimistic about our future development as well.
The first step is to create as many scoring opportunities as possible. When we can create many scoring opportunities at this stage, we will move to the next level of working on decisiveness. For this reason, I think that Reds is moving in the right direction.
I saw two matches in Japan last year one of which I saw the match Reds played against Gamba Osaka. As this was the case, I can say clearly that both teams played better than they did at the end of the season last year.

(Now that Naoki Yamada is not allowed to play in the next match, what are you going to do for the next match?)
First of all, I will have a sleep over night and think about it. I do not intend to announce our options for the next match here. In reality, Reds did not have enough stamina before I was put in charge from this season. For this reason, I think that a player like Naoki Yamada who has good stamina and is able to run around the pitch for a long time gives good stimulation to the team. He also has good skill as a football player. As you saw, the shot he made hit the goal post today. However, if it went in the goal, it must have been a fantastic goal. I am sure it would have been a very happy development for him as well if he was able to have scored the goal. He gave an excellent performance today and I think that he will be able to develop well in the future as well.