After finishing today’s training session - Team Manager Finke   

Comment from Team Manager Volker Finke after playing in the J. League Eighth Sec. against Simizu S-Pulse
I thought that we were able to watch such an interesting match today. The people had the real victory were those who were at the stadium. I think we were able to show a fascinating game for those who were at the stadium.
I think we were quite close to score another goal. We were quite close to having the score result of three to one. It was possible for us to win the game based on how we played in the match. S-Pulse started to put much pressure as they did towards the end of the game and had created many scoring opportunities. As this was the case, in a way it could not have been helped that we had the result like we did. As I told the team earlier, it is important for us to be able to “switch” ourselves to the next match. We won five away matches out of eight matches so far. The team has been trying to do many new things. In a way, we have been playing in a completely different style this season compared to last year. In this sense, I think the players have been doing really well.
(You changed a player with Satoshi Horinouchi during the game. Even though he usually plays in a lower mid fielder position, he was playing in a higher position today. What was your intention for this?)
When S-Pulse changed their players last time, I thought we need to have a player who is good at aerial play such as in set plays. For this reason, I substituted Horinouchi so that we can win the game by high balls. When playing one on one aerial play, we also need to have a player who is good at aerial play. That was why I substituted him midway through the match. I replaced him with an aggressive mid fielder. My purpose for this was for our team to have good aerial play during set plays. I decided to use Horinouchi for this reason so that we would be able to win the game.

(Tulio was making several attacks towards the end of the game. Was this based on your instruction or did Tulio made his own judgment? If he had made his own decision, was that made with the right timing?)
Three players play in this position, namely Yuki Abe, Keita Suzuki and Tulio. I think that it would be possible for these three players to play flexibly by changing their positions depending on the flow of a game. I did not give them special instructions. They have always played like they did today.
As you might have sensed, I think Tulio was trying to play proactively in the mid field because of the penalty kick incident.