After finishing today’s training session - Team Manager Finke  

Comment from Team Manager Volker Finke after finishing today’s training session
Since we arrived at Urawa around 14:00 yesterday, we went to the Ohara training ground directly. Starting line-up players were able to start their recovery training from around 15:00. We mainly concentrated on team strategy training today. It was a short session for about 45 minutes. However, we were able to practice with good concentration. Before we started our training, the entire team spent a good amount of time discussing team strategy. I did not impose too much physical stress on players today. But, I think the players had to use their brains instead. I would like the players to have a good rest tomorrow to prepare for the match that will be held the day after tomorrow. As you saw, Edmilson had a different program today. He hurt his ankle during the last match and we do not know yet whether or not he can play in the next match. As this was the case, he had a different training session on his own.

(Which ankle did he hurt?)
I think he hurt his right ankle. When I was informed of this, he pointed to his right ankle. However, if it turns out to be different, please do not take it personally that I have misinformed the press intentionally (lol).

(After going through the match against Sanfrecce Hiroshima, what needs to be changed towards the next match?
Certainly, we did not have our main players and we played against a J-1 team. However, I have no complaints about how players played in the match, especially the second half of the match. They created several good opportunities and they nailed good points that were necessary for building combination soccer.
Of course, it was unfortunate that we had the result we did. I do not think it is necessary for me to reiterate that we always prepare ourselves to win every game we play. But, even though we were not able to win the match, there were several good performances during the second half of the game. I regard these points as positive towards our future matches.

(Are you planning to watch the national team match tomorrow?)
I will definitely watch the national team match. However, I have a visitor from Europe during the same time. I still have not decided whether I will go to the stadium with him to observe the match or watch it with him on TV.

(Is there any possibility that those players who will not play in the national team’s match against Bahrain will play in a match against Yokohama F. Marinos?)
If our players did not play in the national team match at all, there is a strong likelihood that they will play in our next match against Yokohama F. Marinos. However, I do not want to comment on it in detail as to how much we rely on them at this moment. Those players who play in the match must spend enough time the next day to recover as much as possible. The most effective recovery method is to have a sleep. For this reason, I do not intend to give those players who played in the match a recovery program from 9:00 or 9:30. That is because I think it is necessary for them to have enough sleep. However, I do not make the day after a match completely off. I think it is important for players to have recovery training and good care provided by our medical staff.

(Alex was in the defense mid-fielder position during today’s training.)
There were many left-handed players in the team Alex played. There were several young players who were able to play in the same position as Alex’s. However, unlike Alex, they lack in experience. For this reason, I put another young player in his original position. Shoganai (“That could not have been helped” in Japanese.) (lol).