After finishing today’s training match-Team Manager Finke  

Comment from Team Manager Volker Finke after finishing today’s training match
(What was the theme for this week’s training?)
We would like to advance our team regardless of the match we will play against Jubilo Iwata. It is important to play dominant football and we should play proactively rather than responsively depending on how our opponent teams play. As this is the case, we do not have a particular theme for the training we have this week. What is important for us is how we establish our own style of football in the future and whether or not we can play our own way in official matches.
Of course, we can not always play the way we wish to play every week. But, we have just started to take a new path. As such, there are several situations where we lose the ball. We have a lot to improve. However, by looking at how players work during our daily training, I can feel their strong determination to establish a new style of football as they have such high motivation. That is why I am really looking forward to how this team develops.

(How are Nobuhisa Yamada and Yusuke Hayashi who are having a separate practice program?)
Please do not worry about them too much. It is not that they have serious problems. I think Yamada can participate in training on Thursday without any issues. As for Hayashi, he had a MRI examination and he was able to work on a separate training program. As this is the case, I do not think it will take too long for him to recover. However, I am not sure as to whether or not Yamada can play in the match this Saturday.
However, there are basically many things that we do not know about in the healing process of injuries. For this reason, I can not clearly state when they are coming back. It is important to make efforts to get back to ideal physical condition and follow the necessary process to do so. I do not think it is a good idea to make a comment such as he will be able to recover by a certain day for a certain match.
In regards to sicknesses and injuries, it is difficult to accurately calculate how long it will take for a player to fully recover. There is a saying in Germany. That is “when you are sick, you can recover in fourteen days if you do not use medication and you can recover in two weeks if you use medication (lol). Either way, it takes time for our bodies to recover. It takes a long time to adjust physical conditions and to get back to normal physical status after an injury just like sickness.

(The team has Wednesdays off on their schedule. How is this working for your players?)
I cannot make a clear statement as to how having a day off three days ago and working up a good sweat in the morning of the match contribute directly to the good performance players had the other day. However, I saw that players were playing really well for about two thirds of the time during the first half of the match. I thought their techniques were better and they had a higher volume of movement compared to the opponent team players.
As this was the case, I am very pleased with how the team played last time. However, it is difficult to directly link their good performance to the work out they had in the morning of the match day and having a day off three days earlier. Having said that, as this is proven to be good by sport physiology, I will stick to this style without changing anything.

(Alex returned to play in a match.)
Alex is a player of high quality. It is good for everyone in the team when such a good player like him can play in a match as part of the team. Over the last one to two weeks, I offered him a variety of support so that he can go through a good process of recovering well from his rehabilitation by directly communicating with him. However, it is not necessary for him to hurry through the process. There is a long way a head of him. In the long process he must go through from now, if he hurries too much, something that is not desirable may happen. As this is the case, I will give him enough time so that he can be part of the team after he makes a full recovery as a player of high quality. But, I do understand that players want to make a quick recovery as soon as possible. I am the same in this regard. However, I should not forget that I need to see everything objectively as a team manager. Of course, I hope for his quick recovery in my mind. But, it is necessary for me to make sure that he continues to be on the right path.

(What is required for him to recover?)
It is difficult to make a clear statement about that at this stage. As you know, football is a complex sport. During a match, there are many different situations such as playing against the opponent, surrounded by no opponent players, passing the ball in two or three touches as necessary or receiving a strong impact from the opponent players and so on. For this reason, it is very difficult for me to make a detailed comment as to when he can recover and what he must do to recover. I will continue to provide as much support as possible and observe him to go thorough the long path he has to go through. I am not in the position of commenting on when he can regain good physical condition to come back to an official match as an excellent player.
I think it is in a way risky to talk about such things right here. This is because for players who are in a difficult situation like him, one, two or three days sometimes may feel like only one or two or three hours. For such players, every day passes so slowly and they want to recover as quickly as possible. I also want him to recover as soon as possible. However, I have to see many things realistically. There will be many situations where he must refrain himself from doing certain things. However, his condition has improved drastically from two months ago. I really hope that he can make a good recovery. I saw on recorded footage how he played. I saw three matches in which he played when he was in Salzburg. I also saw how he played before then when he used to play here. I checked what kind of performance he was capable of. In this sense, I am certain that he will be an important strength for the team once he returns.

(How was the result of the sprint test the team had today?)
It was a fine and warm day today. When weather is nice, I would like to conduct a sprint test. It is important to recognize that this is the reality. I am sure that athletes also want to have their sprint test when it is warm. Personally, I would like to have a sprint test once every fortnight. I have already had five sprint tests since I came to the Reds. We had a match on Saturday and we also had a training match on Sunday. Some players played in both matches held on Saturday and Sunday and some played in only a match held on Sunday. Since we had matches on both days, it provided us a good opportunity to have a sprint test today. By looking at the result of the test, I can figure out the physical condition of the players. I especially value the result of the ten-meter sprint. This is because the result reveals how tired players are. For those players who played in the match held during Saturday, the timing could not have been better. For those players who played on Sunday, it was a day early to have the test. From a sport physiology point of view, the test should have been conducted tomorrow. However, as I wanted to find out about the condition of players as of today, I had the test today. Sprint tests can be conducted efficiently in a short period of time. What is necessary is to have a good warming up exercise before the test especially the type of warming up that stimulates instantaneous force. After the test, players jog the ground once. But, all the necessary data can be collected within 15 minutes.

(Jubilo Iwata lost ten points in two matches. What kind of things should the team watch out for?)
I know the result of Jubilo Iwata. I would say that they had an unfortunate start. As they lost many points, players may lose focus. However, it is important for the team manager to continue to send his players the right signals. The team manger needs to make players understand that they may loose badly if they do not have very high concentration through discussion and training. I try to devise training that can offer players the joy of playing during training. For today’s training, players had game style training with many path courses in which they were able to make combinations in various places on the pitch. When we have training like this, since it is not monotones, players can keep good motivation.
When I observe how players have been during training, I can see they participate in training with high enthusiasm and will as well as having good motivation every day. At the moment, I am not worried about this weekend’s match. I think that players will play in the weekend’s match with high motivation.

(Tulio still has a bandage around his head.)
If he was not in a condition of being able to play in this weekend’s match, he would not have participated in the training we had today like he did.