5th Agri-field in 2009  

The 5th Agri-field in 2009 was held at Reds Land at 9 am on 9th August 2009. 205 people participated in the corn picking, sweet potato vines digging and hoeing up of weeds event.

It was a cloudy and humid day. At the start of the event, President Mitsuo Hashimoto of Urawa Reds gave a speech. “It will be a very enjoyable day as we will taste the corn that you all planted in May. I was not able to participate in that event so today I will pick weeds and turn up the vine together with you. I hope that I can contribute to our harvest of sweet potatoes in October.” Captain Shuzo Nakamura who took up the position of captain of the Reds Land in August followed and said, “I hope everyone here will have fun today. This event is one of our important home town activities. This is part of our club’s fundamental principle. Urawa Reds will continue to provide new activities and events that everyone can enjoy. Thank you very much for supporting us”.

Firstly, they did some preparations (weed picking and turning vines) for sweet potato harvest which will take place in autumn. The children cheered when they saw locusts and frogs. This activity was carried out smoothly and finished 20 minutes earlier than was planned.

The participants then went to the corn field where there were 2 meter tall corn plants for harvesting. Some of the corns picked were boiled and distributed to the participants to try. It was a heartwarming moment to see everyone enjoying their corns with smiles on their faces in nature. As for the rest of harvested corns, they were brought back as souvenir.

Weeds and skins of corns that were cleared today will be kept and used as fertilizers.

The agri-field in 2009 will continue having weed picking and turning of vines every month until October. In October, the finale “Sweet potato harvesting and barbeque” will be held.