To Be a Reds Player (The Player’s Principles)

Mastering Football, Pursuing Victory

Urawa Reds players are expected above all to devote their lifestyle to mastering the sport of football and pursuing victory on the pitch. This is the most important element for spreading the excitement and joy of football as stated in the Urawa Reds Declaration.

To devote one’s life to a particular discipline and take it to the limit; those who display this strength of purpose and live their lives in such a manner become objects of reverence. Urawa Reds players are widely respected and admired for building on their natural abilities, dedicating their lives to the sport of football, and taking up the challenge to pursue their sport to the limit. All Urawa Reds players are expected to exemplify this tenacity and strive for victory in each and every game. To be an Urawa Reds player is to focus wholly on a way of life and that strength of purpose.

The Five Requirements of an Urawa Reds Player

The Responsibility of Bearing the Urawa Name
Urawa Reds players must bear the Urawa name with responsibility. They must be fully aware of their role as representatives and symbols of Urawa and behave in an appropriate manner for these purposes. They must understand the century-long history of football and regional character of their home town, Urawa, and, in a spirit of gratitude, also endeavour to serve in their daily comportment as role models for the community.

True pleasure and joy emerge from single-minded dedication, diligence and effort. Urawa Reds players are expected always to exemplify single-minded dedication to football, play for victory on the pitch, and share the joy with all fans and supporters.

Respect for the opponents nurtures humility and gratitude. Urawa Reds players are also expected to respect their team mates and everyone involved with Urawa Reds, and play with gratitude for the environment they have been granted. They are expected to play fairly and, win or lose, respect their opponents and the match officials, without whom the game would not be possible.

Challenge and Self-improvement
The spectacle of players who strive constantly for self-improvement and victory impresses and moves all who watch. Urawa Reds players are required to strive to be better in order to reach their goals and realise their dreams, and stay positive even in the hardest times.

Football is a team sport. Urawa Reds players must dedicate themselves to the team and not to achieving results for themselves. Urawa Reds players must understand that football is a team sport about results for the team. Also, they must battle side by side with not only their team mates but also the fans and supporters. Reds players are expected to work hand in hand with all for Urawa Reds’ victory.