We will get back to our original position to fight through-Team Manager Mischa  

Comment from Team Manager Mischa the day before the J. League 30th Sec match against Cerezo Osaka

The match we are to play tomorrow will not be easy for us as we have lost our past two matches in a row. I think our players still feel regrettable about the losses we had against Consadole Sapporo and Vegalta Sendai. We need to win the next match in order to wipe out such negative feelings and to regain our confidence.

When we played against Sapporo, our determination to be ranked as the number one team was too strong. As a result, we ended up losing our style which we had established with our past positive record. In my analysis of our two previous matches, because we focused too much on becoming the number one team, we undermined our discipline, tactful defense and swift attacks. This led us to lose the overall balance of the team and as a result the loss of the matches.

In regards to the next match against Cerezo Osaka, we would like to get back to our original position once again by working hard with good discipline and defense. However, Cerezo Osaka will be a very challenging opponent for us to prove that what we have been working on this season is right. I regard their attacks as one of the most advanced in the J. League. Cerezo Osaka’s team manager changed during this season and Mr Culpi now assumes the position. Unfortunately, the club had decided to replace the former team manager based on the team’s performance record. However, I thought that their attacks were good during this season even before they changed team manager. I feel that they still perform very fierce attacks of good quality. I think having the new team manager has provided a new spark to the team. On top of that, some of the Cerezo Osaka team players were trained under Mr Culpi when he was the team manager before. For this reason, I am sure that the strategy Team Manager Culpi is trying to implement has been understood by the team in a short period of time. Despite their negative results, Cerezo Osaka’s performances have been good. I think Team Manager Culpi has invited some luck to the team. The team won a few matches by scoring goals in the last few minutes. For this reason, I also believe the replacement of their team manger has brought some positive luck to the team.

As for us, we must play a very disciplined soccer game with swift changes between defensive and offensive in order to win the match tomorrow. We must also have good stamina and tough minds in handling the ball. Even though we lost the two consecutive matches before, our players have had good training sessions day after day. I think this will provide us with good assurance for our victory. I always believe in my team and players. This will not change even if they lose ten consecutive matches. I am confident that our team will have a good match tomorrow.
[Urawa Reds Official Media (URD: OM)]

We will get back to our original position to fight through-Team Manager Mischa