HKFC Philips Lighting International Soccer 7’s Tournament 1st day  

The players and staff who will participate in the international soccer tournament left Narita in the morning on the 21st of May. After a 4 hour flight, they arrived in Hong Kong.

After they checked into their hotel, they proceeded to the Hong Kong FC ground for practice. It was a fair day with a temperature of 26 °C. They played some mini games there.

Youth Coach Kenichi Amano
“I am leading this team in the tournament. First of all, we have 2 goals in this tournament. One is to win the tournament and the other one is to build up on individual skills.

The first team players and the youth players don’t have trainings together. So we only have a short time (3 days) to prepare for the tournament and gel together. Even so, I want them to have good communication and help each other bring out good plays as well as demonstrate individual talent.”