Trying to create more chances to score goals  

Hajime Hosogai who has been a starting line up member since the opening of the season gives a comment about the match against Cerezo Osaka

Comment from Hajime Hosogai
Cerezo Osaka has Takashi Inui and Shinji Kagawa who get possession of the ball frequently. We should be very mindful of them as I think they are the initiators of their team. There are several ideas about how we should play in the front line. We should be in the offensive when necessary, but try to create as many scoring opportunities as possible so that we can score goals.
In order for us to play well in matches, we need to think of what we have to do in our next match rather than focusing on the long term at the moment. If we can be conscious of this, we will be ranked high in the end.
Hosogai is performing steadily even after having changed position from a defensive midfielder to a side back. He will be “fighting” hard to score three points by winning the match tomorrow with a “heartfelt” performance which he always aspires.

[Urawa Reds Official Media (URD: OM)]