After playing the match against Oita Trinita-Team Manager Finke  

Comment from Team Manager Volker Finke after playing in the J. League Eighteenth Sec. against Oita Trinita
I think that the match we had today had a significant meaning not only for us but also for Oita Trinita as well. There were some emotional feelings attached to it. Since they have a different team manager, members of the Oita team changed slightly. As a result, I think today’s match became a very important match for Oita as well.
Unfortunately, the pitch condition was very bad. We had to play under such a bad condition. Looking at the overall game, I think it was possible for us to win the game by creating some scoring opportunities. However, we lost the match as we did. To be honest with you, we wanted to get at least one point even if we were not able to get three points. But, we were not able to do so today.
The reason why we could not win was that despite the fact that we were leading the game to some degree, as Oita managed to score a goal by a header shot, the team was filled with joy. This gave a good momentum to the team. Now that the game is over, all I can say is that our team will head off to our home in sorrow while Oita is filled with joy.

(Why did Tulio change?)
It was because of his injury. As I am not a doctor, I can not make any detailed comment. He has not had a medical examination either. However, I heard that he had a slight pain during half time.
He had a little treatment during half time. As we had planned for him to play also in the second half, he went back onto the pitch again. However, since his pain got worse, he changed half way through the second half of the game. But, I do not want to identify where he was injured. I would like him to have a check first so that I can get the correct information first.
(What was the reason to use Norihiro Yamagishi as goal keeper?)
The two goal keepers in our team namely Yamagishi and Ryuta Tsuzuki are both very high level goal keepers. Yamagishi is the one who has been playing in the recent Nabisco Cup and I thought he did an excellent job in the Cup this time round as well. Meanwhile, his condition has not been the best. For this reason, I have decided that I would give Tsuzuki several weeks off. Instead, I decided to use Yamagishi to keep goal.
However, my decision is not just based on his condition. This is a very important element to mention.
(Did only having two days between the matches have any impact on your team?)
Of course, I can talk about many things such as the bad condition of the pitch which prevented us from playing combination soccer or the fact that we had to play three matches in a short period of one week. However, if we start to say things like this, I do not think I can be a good team manager. I have to think about how we were and how Oita was, the special opponent we had today.
Oita Trinita went through many things this week and the team had a very important and emotional development. I can imagine having a different team manager has had several different impacts on the players. However, as far as I could see during the match today, I think they were playing very good defense. Ten field players were doing an excellent job in defending the team in their own ground. I also think the team was convinced that they could win the game today since having a new team manager.
In the end, Oita won the game with their corner kick. However, Ponte and Edmilson also created good scoring opportunities. If they were able to lead the game during the first half by scoring a goal or two, the match might have been a completely different one and we might have been the one who won the match today.
But, such is a competition. Oita had a new start today and believing in the victory was an important element for them.
For this reason, all I will do today is to congratulate our opponent. I would like to prepare ourselves well again for our next weekend match once we return back to our home.
(Even though your team created several chances, how come the team could not create as many chances as they did in the past few matches?)
Looking back at several matches Oita played over the past few weeks, I do not think the team played defensive soccer like they did today. All their field players went back to their side of the pitch to secure the defense. They started their offensive only from about 40 meters away from our goal. As such, I thought they played such a defensive and compact soccer today. We had several difficult situations such as the condition of the pitch, which made it difficult for us to play combination soccer. However, I have no intention of blaming such situations for our defeat today.
It is important for us to remain focused on our play. I also think that we were able to learn from the match we played today. For this reason, I would like to prepare ourselves well for our next match.