After playing the match against Kashiwa Reysol-Team Manager Finke  

Comment from Team Manager Volker Finke after playing in the J. League Fifth Sec. against Kashiwa Reysol
Despite being under such a difficult condition, we were able to earn 3 points. Certainly it was a difficult match to play. Winning this match was like having a present.
It was slippery on the pitch. Both of the teams played a very tough “fighting game” on such a difficult pitch condition. It was certainly great as well as important that we were able to come from behind to win the game in the end like we did. Considering our team mentality and spirit, it was very important for us to win 3 points in the way we did today.

(You said after the previous match against Albirex Niigata that the goal your team scored was “a matter of luck”. We thought that your team was lucky again in a way. How do you interpret “luck” in this sense?)
As you know, many things happen when playing football. There is a chance of having something we do not wish to happen such as scoring an own goal, referee’s misjudgment or losing a goal by having the ball hit a player accidentally. What is important here is that these types of things do not happen often. When they happen, we must make sure that we do not have to rely on “luck” every time. It is very important for us to tackle these situations based on our team ability rather than requiring luck all the time.
It is also important to create more scoring opportunities than our opponent teams and this is one of my philosophies. The more opportunities the team can create, the more opportunities of winning the game we will have. For this reason, we would like to play our matches without relying too much on our “luck”.

(During the first half of the game, Genki Haraguchi was on the right side. It seemed as though Naoki Yamada was supporting him at that time. What was your intention?)
I would like to talk about something very fundamental from now. You may feel what I am going to say now inconveniences you who are in the media. However, as what I am going to say is very important, I would like you to understand.
At the risk of repeating myself again and again since several weeks back, I would like to say that it is not a good idea for such young players like them to be covered by the media almost everyday regardless of their excellent talent. Being covered by the media like they are may have a negative impact on them. Considering the current situation of Genki Haraguchi, he seems to have several issues. Of course, there were times when he was doing really well playing in the J. League. However, it makes me feel sad when I see a performance like he had today. This is because he was not able to show his ability and potential fully. He has been covered by the media almost everyday over the last few weeks. He was being interviewed by the media. There are several articles about him. His big pictures were found in the media and so on. It may be natural in Japan and I would like to respect the Japanese way as much as I can as I am in Japan.
However, if I were in Germany right now and experiencing a similar situation, I would ban him to appear in any media for about three months. This is because I have no obligation of respecting the situation where he is covered by the media sensationally day after day. It is important for him to focus on his career as a football player and concentrate on the most important thing, football.
Unfortunately, he did not perform well today and I feel very sad about this. However, we should not forget that he is still a very young player.
As this is a very serious issue, I would like to say the following very clearly. I do not mean to boast myself by sharing this story with you but I have trained many young players to be successful in the past. Many of the players I trained became players for the national team in Germany or a star player in several big European clubs. They came to my team at the age of 17, 18 or 19 to become a professional player. During that time, I often banned them to appear in any media for several weeks to several months. Local media also recognized my intention and respected that as they all understood it would be best for young players considering their development.
Having said that, I am aware that I am a guest in this country and there are certain ways of doing things in Japan. Just the other day, some media reported that a new team manager called Finke was trying to restrict information. However, it is not true. What is important here is to create an environment where players can develop properly. Shoganai (“it cannot be helped” in Japanese).
It is our job as team managers to support him so that he can perform well again. However, no one helps us in conducting such a job. It is important for us to support such a player in the way that he can be an excellent player in one, two or three years time. I do understand that I am invited to Japan as a guest and if I hurt you by what I said, I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to you all. However, I would like you to understand that I had no intention of restricting information. I would like you to reconsider that what is important here is the development of the players.