After playing the match against Jubilo Iwata-Team Manager Finke   

Comment from Team Manager Volker Finke after playing in the J. League Thirty Second Sec. against Jubilo Iwata
I thought we played such a spectacular match today certainly with many moments of shooting the ball at the goal. There were moments such as the ball hitting the goal post and the goal being scored in a very dramatic way. Considering the time we played, I think we played an inspiring match today.
Unfortunately, we were not able to play well during the first 10 to 15 minutes of the second half of the game. During that time, we almost lost the opportunity to win the match, which we well deserved considering how we played overall in the game.
In reality, we have been struggling with our current situation. However, those players who played on the pitch did a fantastic and excellent job today. Looking at how we played the overall game, the victory we had today was justifiable in the end.
I had thought that the players who were to play in today’s match would face the difficulty of maintaining their stamina. And as I had expected, their stamina did start to run out. However, their performance during the first half of the match today was a very satisfactory one.
They kept the ball by playing many short passes. Of course, they shot some long passes when necessary. Overall, they played both short and long passes in good combination which made the offensive very effective.
Regarding the first five minutes into the second half of the game, the team should not have played the game as they did. In reality, I should not accept how they performed at that time. It is necessary for us to analyze how we played the game during that time. However, all players picked up after that and played well with a good fighting spirit. I believe we finished the game with spectacular performances in the end. Edmilson who scored three goals today performed fantastically. Tatsuya Tanaka also played so well. I am sure you watched Tatsuya’s performance today. Looking at his stamina and performance today, I would say that he has recovered fully in a true sense. He was able to show us what he is truly capable of over 90 minutes of an entire game. He was in excellent condition. For this reason, I would like to commend Tatsuya especially for what he did in today’s match.