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We will set a direction for Urawa Reds - Team Manager Mischa  

Comment from Team Manager Mischa Petrovic after the first training session for 2012 season

(What was your impression of the first training?)
I am very pleased that we were finally able to start our training today. As you could see during the training today, I thought that every player had prepared themselves well for this first session. Players ran so much today. But this will be what we will be doing for a while from now.

(How was it for you to run training in a new environment?)
I was working for another team in Japan before. I feel a little strange as it still hasn’t hit me that my environment has changed. Nonetheless, I have a fantastic training environment here as well. I was looking forward to this day as I wanted to have a good fresh start myself with the players.

(Do you feel that high expectations are placed upon you from many people including the media?)
I can certainly understand that everyone’s expectations are high as Urawa Reds is the most popular team in Japan. Though the team always attracts much attention, it is necessary for the team to keep their feet firmly placed on the ground. As they have been struggling over the past four years or so, I feel we must work diligently through our daily training so that we can meet everyone’s expectations.

(What did you tell your players before you started training?)
I imagine that Urawa Reds players and those who are concerned with the club including our supporters had a very tough season last year. For this reason, I told the team that it was important to learn from the past experience and be optimistic. I also said that we must set our direction to move forward and we must work hard to follow it.

(Now that your team has started the season, how would you like it to be?)
I am not the type of person who makes a promise before we set upon something new. This is because things are much easier said than done.
What I aim to achieve is to set a good direction for Urawa Reds’ soccer style and have them play Urawa Reds’ soccer. However, no one can make a promise as to what kind of outcome is waiting at the end. I know that everyone loves to hear phrases such as “winning the title”. However, what is really important is to work hard and make every effort necessary to get there. What we aim to achieve is to play a different soccer and show our strength. Time will tell what results are waiting for us as we progress through the season. So, let us wait and see how we will go as time goes by.

We will set a direction for Urawa Reds – Team Manager Mischa