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President Hashimoto gave lecture at Saitama University   

On the 24th May, President Hashimoto gave a lecture in the course, “Introduction to Sports Management” which has been offered at Saitama University. He talked about “Club Philosophy and Management Strategy of Urawa Reds” to about 300 people.

“Introduction to Sports Management” has been offered at the university since 2005 as a result of a 3 party (Saitama University, Urawa Reds and Omiya Ardija) community framework agreement. It is our 6th year participating in the course.

The lecture started off with some background of “Soccer City, Urawa” and the structure & history of Urawa Reds. After touching on attendance (number of visitors to the stadium), entrance fee, advertisement rate and club management, President Hashimoto talked about “hometown activity”, “RedsLand”, “Heart-full Club” and “Reds Ladies” that are the activities for community sports culture development. Then, he explained about Reds’ future vision. After a 50 minute presentation using PowerPoint, President Hashimoto talked passionately about his love for soccer, importance of team mates (through his experience from playing rugby) and importance of team work for another 20 minutes without any aid.

Lastly, President Hashimoto said, “It will be great support to our club if you come to the stadiums to watch the first team or ladies’ team play. I hope you can come to the stadiums and feel the Reds.” The lecture lasted approximately 70 minutes.

The lectures for “Introduction to Sports Management” will be held every 2 weeks till early August by personnel from soccer or other sports.