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Executive Director Nitta lectures at Saitama University  

Executive Director Hirotoshi Nitta lectured at Saitama University for the course of “Introduction to Sports Management” on the 2nd of June. His topic was “Urawa Reds in the future・’World Standard’ and ‘Community-based Football’”.

Saitama University is offering this course for the 4th time. “Introduction to Sports Management” has been held every year at Saitama University which has a partnership with Urawa Reds. Mr. Nitta is the 2nd lecturer from Reds for this year after President Mitsunori Fujiguchi who gave his lecture on the 12th of May.

First of all, Executive Director Nitta mentioned that he gave his lecture in English in Sydney on the 28th of May. In “Urawa Reds’ situation”, he touched on the current Reds’ situation and J.League’s situation in the world. In “Urawa Reds in the future”, Mr. Nitta talked about the Reds’ vision in medium term. In “Management Reform”, he explained how we have to reform our management in order to meet the world standard.

In addition, Executive Director Nitta looked back how Urawa Reds prepared for the ACL away matches and the role of Heart-full Club in the ACL last year.

Urawa Reds have a made-up word, “Glocal” from the 2 words, global and local. For our goal is to play football “from Urawa City via Asia to the world”, he explained how we can accomplish this goal by using the example of UAE which aims to be a resort and sports nation after the depletion of oil.

Heart-full Club Captain Hiroshi Ochiai from Urawa Reds will give a lecture on the 7th of July.

Executive Director Hirotoshi Nitta
“208 countries or regions are members of FIFA as of now. On the other hand, only 192 countries or regions join in UN. This shows that football is an international sport. We can communicate anywhere in the world if we have one ball. This is the great thing about football.

I also learned a lot of things through playing football. After I graduated school and started working, I realized that what I learned through football is very useful. And I believe that Urawa Reds is capable of doing a lot of things.

In a conference in Sydney, one keyword that a FIFA staff mentioned that I still remember vividly is “Now it is shifting from charity to responsibility”. Charity means “to supply goods”, but responsibility indicates “to fulfill one’s responsibility”. I, as one of Urawa Reds’ staff, would like to fulfill my responsibility to provide happiness through football.”