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Urawa Reds appointed as Saitama City tourism ambassador   

The mission of “Saitama City tourism ambassador” is to widely promote Saitama City and improve its image. Urawa Reds was appointed as one of the ambassadors.

President Fujiguchi attended the delegating ceremony held at Saitama City office on the 11th of April. He received the delegation form, sash and name cards from Mayor Souichi Aikawa.

The tourism ambassador is appointed to an individual or group that lives in or is from Saitama City who is doing well in their field. An individual or group also has to promote Saitama City in the future and improve its publicity as an ambassador. 7 individuals and 4 groups were appointed this time. The ambassador term is for 2 years starting from the 1st of April.

Comment from President Fujiguchi
“Through Reds’ activities and football, I hope that we can promote Saitama City to the world. At the same time, we want to cooperate with other ambassadors and actively participate in its activities.”