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To the Supporters  

Here is a message to the supporters from President Mitsuo Hashimoto.

We are working on creating an atmosphere, “Reds Wonderland” at Urawa Reds’ stadiums, which makes everyone, young and old smile. The atmosphere of the stadium differs from club to club, but the most important thing in Reds Wonderland is to create an atmosphere that awes the opponent. This is something which the supporters and club have been building up together over the years.

We also need to improve the environment so that the opponent supporters are able to watch the game comfortably at the stadiums. As for Saitama Stadium, we will continue to concentrate on the safety for both teams’ supporters.

The second half of the league has begun and there will be tough games ahead. This weekend, we will have a very important home game. We will continue to work on making our stadiums fortress together with our supporters. Hence, we need your warm support.

Thank you very much for your understanding and continued support in advance.

Urawa Red Diamonds
President Mitsuo Hashimoto