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Speech of President Fujiguchi at signing ceremony  

Below is the speech of President Fujiguchi at the announcement of collaboration with Friends of the United Nation Asia-Pacific.

I would like to express my appreciation to announce our collaboration with the Friends of the United Nation Asia-Pacific at this Headquarter of the United Nation.
I have heard that it is a first time as individual club team announcing collaboration with UN related NGO at UN headquarter. I would like to say thank you to Dr. Noel Brown and Ambassador Chowdury as well as all UN related personnel to give us this opportunity.

Friends of the United Nations has worked to make as bridge between private sectors and United Nation to learn about UN’ s efforts and be inspired to help the UN achieve its goals since 1985. I am impressed their activity and philosophy of making world in peace.

Urawa Reds belongs to Japanese Professional Football League called J League.
We of course show our play to people. But we have been providing a soccer program to children through organization called “Heart-full Club” to teach and bringing out peaceful mind of children. Every year, we have been providing this program to total of 40,000 people in Saitama Prefecture. Since 2007, we have been providing this program to many Asian countries as purpose of “Grass root international exchange”. We have enjoyed this program with 2,500 children in 9 different countries. We also support handicap people at our hometown.
Since 2005, we have been operating support facility called “ Redsland” to make good community though sports, and people in our town as well as our supporters can enjoy the sports.

We believe that our activity is match with philosophy of J League “ Bringing Happiness to Country by Sports”. We have been recognized by Friends of the United Nations for our local commitment, which is important social activities to spread Culture of Peace. We also believe strongly that those Local commitments of Urawa Reds is overlapping with philosophy and activities of the Friends of the United Nations.

It is our pleasure to collaborating with the Friends of the United Nation for several activities including “ Heart-full Soccer in Asia” from this year. We also believed that both of us could bring happiness and courage to local social activity and social commitment to people in our hometown. We hope that we can contribute our effort to world peace by “ Culture of Peace! Culture of Football!” not only to Japan but also to many countries. Football is a sport that has world common language, and we can make friend in worldwide by just one ball.

208 countries and areas are joining in FIFA. I have been traveling many countries and communicating with people through Soccer and making friendship overcoming with language barriers.

“Just Soccer But Soccer”. Sports have power to make people happy and we hope that we can spread happiness of sports to people as much as we can.

We would like to make our collaboration in this time meaningfully and would like to make our efforts to local as well as global to make better world.

Thank you very much.