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Reds Supporters’ Association 2008 Closing Session  

Reds supporters’ association 2008 closing session was held at Saitama Stadium on the 7th of December.

Urawa Reds President Mitsunori Fujiguchi delivered his opening speech in front of 1,380. “It was a tough season, but your strong support helped our players on numerous occasions. As a team, we have to analyze why the team did not function well, what the club could do and could not do. We have to make use of this experience to progress towards a bright future. Without your support, Urawa Reds would not have been where it is now. I strongly hope that we can work together. Thank you very much for your support this season”, said President Fujiguchi.

After the toast, there was a talk event with 4 Reds Ladies players, Nozomi Yamago, Miyuki Yanagita, Kozue Ando and Kyoko Yano. “We still have the All Japan Competition. So we will work hard until the last in order to win the title”, said Yamago enthusiastically.

In the 2nd segment of the talk show, Robson Ponte, Satoshi Horinouchi, Keita Suzuki, Yuki Abe, Takahito Soma and Edmilson participated. Looking back at the first team this season, Abe said, “Thank you very much for coming for every of our games and supporting us throughout the year. It was a tough season. I think we were unable to live up to our supporters’ expectations this season but we will work hard to meet that expectation next year”.

After the lucky draw, each player expressed his/her goals. Reds Ladies Captain Yanagita said, “We need your support in order to win the All Japan Competition. Thank you for your continuous support”. Players Association Chairman Horinouchi concluded, “We shall not forget this season’s disappointment and will come back next season stronger. That is why we hope for your continual support”. The event was a great success.